Monday, August 15, 2011

movie monday numero drei

     please dont hate me forever. i know that i have totally sucked at keeping up with my blog and for that i apologize cuz i know there are just thousands of people out there who check my blog everyday and whos hearts and souls are crushed everyday there's not an update. i am sorry to have let you down, you, my thousands of followers. it wont happen again. wanna know why?? CUZ SCHOOL IS STARTING AGAIN AND I GET TO SEE ALL MY FRIENDS AGAIN AND I GET TO HAVE A LIFE AGAIN!!! imsoexcited! =] hahah but seeing how it is my last monday here in good ol' stl i decided what better way to celebrate and ease back into the blogging spirit than with a movie monday! my fave! haha so i hope you enjoy this cavalcade of a few of my most recent fave videos! =]

this is the perfect video to start this post off with. me and julian smith? brain twins.

can i just tell you that i have been obsessed with harry potter lately... waiting for my welcome letter to pottermore sucks buttmonkeys hardcore, so i pass the time scouring the web for all things harry potter and this is one of my faves.

this show is deff one of mt top faves ever!

adele is queen

how could you not love this??

this is paint again but i cant help it. i love him! this video is especially funny cuz me and jess did insanity for a little bit haha

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