Tuesday, July 5, 2011

totally looks like

     i found this website, totallylookslike.com, back in utah with jessica one night second semester and spent an obscene amount of time on it laughing our heads off. if i remember correctly, malaysia, who was hangin out in the apartment above us, texted me to tell me that they could hear us laughing. haahah but yeah anyways, i thought that i'd share some of my faves from off the website with y'all. enjoy! =]

this is the one that started it all. we saw it on this guy that we were stalking on facebooks profile and then of course we had to go check out the website!

im still completely convinced that jessica needs to find this man in real life and marry him

im pretty sure that this is the one that made malaysia text me cuz we were laughing to loud/hard/crazy haha

i still kinda think that this one is just robert pattinson in a wig... thats totally something he would do...

gotta love pokemon! =]

and this one is hands down my all time fave! hahaahahaha

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