Wednesday, July 6, 2011


     in case you didnt know, im kinda in love with music. i cant explain why but its just simply one of the greatest things when you find a new song/new band/rediscover an old favorite that you totes love and could jam to forever.  i can honestly say that i have invested way too much money into my music collection (i dont download songs illegally, the artists/bands that i love deserve much better than that) but what can i say im obsessed. =]
     with that being said, i love love love LOVE driving in my car, windows down, music jammin, singin with my besties at the top of our lungs.  if you have never experienced this you are a stupidface. (haha jk, but you should seriously try it) theres just one problem that comes with this wonderful glorious experience.
     that problem comes in the form of when you pull up to a red light, music blarin, and the people next yo you have their windows down too and are now sitting there hating you for playing your music like you are trying to wake the dead. the nice reasonable thing to do would be to turn down your music right??  but i mean usually its just gotten to my fave part where me and my bestie start adding the dance moves, and i dont really feel like turning it down, so i try to ignore those people, but then i start feeling bad and always end up turning down my music....
     however, the other night i realized that i shouldnt let those people next to me make me feel bad.  i shouldnt feel guilty about making them listen to my fave jams.  really, they should be thanking me.  thanking me for introducing them to the best music they've ever heard in their lives.  they may not know it, but its most deff the truth.  so next time you're driving and some kids pull up with the music goin, dont be annoyed, embrace it. =]

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