Saturday, July 9, 2011

called to serve...

     so i'm a little bit behind on this but better late than never right?  just to remind everybody, when one of my friends leave for their mission i have decided that i am going to blog about them here. =]  annnd the next lucky guy is Carter Johnson!

     elder johnson actually left for his mission a couple of weeks ago and he is serving in the Novosibirsk, Russia mission! he is going to spend 12 weeks at the MTC, missionary training center, preparing for his mission, but mostly learning to speak russian.  which is all super exciting!!
     i met carter that same first sunday as daniel when his and daniel's roommate brayden asked our apartment over to have dinner.  they made hamburger helper. haha it was fun/kinda awkward as you can probably imagine. haah but the very first thing that i can remember carter saying is that he was going to be on his mission when the 2nd part of the last harry potter movie came out. that broke my heart, and i knew right then and there we would be the best of buds.
     i was wrong. hahah for the most part of 1st semester carter didnt talk to anyone from our apartment at all, even though we talked to pretty much everybody else in his apartment all the time. we totally thought he was a jerk who thought he was too cool for us. hahah we dubbed his song as "cooler than me" you know that one song by that one guy. hahah but no then we all ended up getting to know him pretty well, and all became pretty good friends with him and came to love carter johnson, who it turned out is a pretty chill, funny, super good looking guy. hahaah (you know the aviator sunglasses? those are now officially carter shades, cuz no one looks as good in them as he does hahah)  i am so excited for him to be on his mission and i know that he is going to an awesome missionary! =]

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