Tuesday, October 11, 2011


     alrighty! day two of the totally awesome 30 day blogging challenge! are you guys ready?? cuz i know i am! lets see what's in store for today...:  where do you see yourself  in 10 years?
     ok well, im not gonna lie you guys, i think this is a pretty lameeee question.  for some reason it's taking me back to 5th grade...i think they asked us the same question then....and oh yeah, every year since then. if i had kept track of all the where i see myself in 10 years i have done every single year since then, i would have my whole life neatly mapped out before me... that would be nice. hahaha i think though, back in 5th grade, i'm pretty sure i said like living in utah or something lamee and totally mormon like that so im pretty much on the golden path so far. rad! hahaha
     anyways, 10 years from now. today, October 11, 2011.  so what would that be? Oct. 11, 2021?? well dang, doesn't that sound all futuristic and what not. haha anyways so I will be 29, almost 30 years old...!!!! oh my.... that's quite an age... like 3 full whole decades! im just barely getting used to being around almost 2..... dang... idunno what i'm going to have done by then, though hopefully by then i will own a flying car and one of those microwaves that zap up full meals out of the sky. that'd be cool.  i think i would quite enjoy flying around in my little flyingmoblie. or maybe someone will have discovered how to actually disapperate/apperate by then and i wont even need a flying car! yeah now that would be awesome!
     no but seriously. i see myself in 10 years with my millions, that either i acquired myself with my stunning career, or you know married into with my fabulously wealthy (and bearded) husband. we will live in a mansion in utah (keeping in line with my 5th grade self, thats important) that we built with our raw bear hands, and by then would have adopted a couple of children from the romainian orphanages as well as have had a couple billion children ourselves since by then of course they dont use needles during childbirth and came up with a way that they just kind of teleport the child from inside your body to cradled in your arms.  and our lives will be wonderfully wonderful. and on October 11, 2021 my husband and i will be contacted by movie producers who will want to make a movie of our wonderfully successful lives to show others the type of pure awesomeness that is possible in this life.
     so um yeah. i think that basically sums up what i see happening in my life in 10 years, and im not gonna lie, im pretty dang excited! i am going to have quite the life.  dont worry, maybe if you ask nicely i'll let you be in the movie about my life, so keep your fingers crossed! hahahahaha oh gosh. anyways, i hope your day is going fabulous and much better than mine so far. and i hope that each one you end up with a future as bright and promising and exactly like mine! (unless of course you are a male in which case you will marry a fabulously wealthy, beardless wifey). peace and blessings peace and blessings! =]


  1. Hey Sydney.
    I can hear your voice in your blog and it made me laugh out loud in the library. Good job. I'm so glad I get to see you tomorrow night! I hope you're as excited as I am! =D
    Emilee from last year in case you don't remember ;)P.S. I just put anonymous because I wanted to be a little creepy for you and because it's too much work to put in my password. =D

  2. hahaha thank you for at least putting your name at the bottom. people are always leaving anonymous comments and im all like "i wanna know who you is so we can be besties if you are reading my blog!!!!" hahah yeah just like that.