Monday, February 28, 2011

i chooose you!!!!

     i love pokemon.  it reminds me of childhood and i love childhood. so basically this is one of the best videos ever. it also basically sums up what i've learned here at college.  watch and enjoy =]

Saturday, February 26, 2011

florence + the machine station on pandora is pure heaven

     its all ive been listening to all week.  i cant believe ive never thought about it before.  seriously pretty much every song that is played comes straight from heaven.  haha i've been telling everybody about it all week.  the only problem is now i have all this new music that i love, and most def do not have the money to buy any of it. haha oh well.  here's just a preview of the wonderfulness that is the florence and the machine station:

     love it. =]

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


     does life ever just hit you? like you're just minding your own business and all of a sudden BAM! life hits you.  this has happened to me quite a few times, especially this past year, the most recent being last night at 2 in the morning while i was freaking out about all of the work that i had procrastinated until this week.  it hit me that i have been living in utah, going to brigham young university for 6 months...i have been graduated from high school for almost a whole year...i am almost done with my freshman year of college! this is my life!  when did all this happen?               
     seriously, it feels like just yesterday i was a child wanting to be a volcano scientist because i had just saw a super sweet mary-kate and ashley movie about them. and now here i am 19 years old trying to desperately figure out what to major in, looking for apartment contracts, writing 2332 words of truth and beauty for stupid classes in college.  dont get me wrong i love my life, i love being here at byu, its pretty much the greatest.  its just crazy that im actually here doing it. hahah idunno just thought i'd blog about random things i was thinking about at 2 in the morning last night. haha peace and blessings, peace and blessings.

pics that i've gotten from friends/ just seen around that i enjoy =]

     thought i'd just post these and be all artsy and what not cuz thats what blogs are supposed to be like right??  plus they're just pretty cool. =]

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

was thinkin bout this the other day...

     this is the psych paper that i wrote the end of last semester.  its pretty much the best thing i've ever written.  i thought i'd share it on here. if you've read it before, reread and enjoy it again...if you have not read it before now, prepare for your life to change =]

            Aggression has undoubtedly played a major part in the history of human beings.  Without aggression human beings would not have lasted this long.  Aggression comes out most often when individuals are feeling threatened, either for their own safety or for the safety of those they love, and goes hand in hand with our survival instincts.  However, at the same time aggression can be mindless and has led to some of the most horrific crimes in history.  The world would be a better place if human beings could learn to live without that aggression that leads to murder and assault and all the physical crimes we see today.  Overall, human beings need aggression, that driving power that goes with their instincts to survive, but at the same time the future would look much brighter if people could do away with the aggression that leads to premeditated or impulsive acts of violence against innocent individuals.                                                                                                          During the days of the Cavemen, when human beings were up against vicious beasts, it was aggression that saved their lives.  They battled it out with the saber-toothed tigers and the wooly mammoths protecting their families and livelihoods.  Without aggression paired up with their survival instincts they would have been trampled underfoot; a giant wooly mammoth foot.  This aggression has been passed down through the ages and is what has kept human beings alive.  When the gladiators had to fight it out in the coliseum, they were aggressive.  When the knights in shining armor fought off the dragons to save the princesses, they were aggressive.  When the United States Military slaughter the Taliban to protect our rights and civil liberties, they are aggressive.  And when models strut their stuff and get caddy on the walkway to preserve their jobs, they are aggressive.  Obviously aggression plays an essential role in human lives and evolution.
            But at the same time, aggression can be very bad.  It can become the driving force of evil human beings and psychos paths.  It is this dangerous aggression that led Hitler to murder millions of innocent Jews in cold blood.  It is this aggression that led Sauron to create the one true ring of power to rule them all, and in the darkness bind them.  It is this aggression that led Stalin to murder and enslave his people in labor camps.  And it was this aggression that led Lord Voldemort to murder Lily and James Potter, leaving young Harry Potter parentless and orphaned.  This type of mindless and callous aggression is the type of thing that the future can do without; which would make the world a better place to live in.
            Aggression comes in many different forms.  There’s the aggression shown when you are fighting your brother over the last dinner roll at Thanksgiving, or when you are giving your job all you’ve got to beat out the competition to get that awesome promotion.  This type of aggression moves the world forward and keeps things running.  But the other type, the type shown when desperate people rob banks, and when arguments get out of hand, or when evil dictators come to power; that is the aggression that the world and the future had no need of.   

     so yeah thats pretty much the best thing ever in my opinion. hhaha i wrote it in an hour and got a 10 outta 10 on it.  the only thing that woulda made it better would be in i had talked about zombies somewhere in there. =] hope you enjoyed it, cuz i sure do.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

facial hair update

beards: 7    staches: 7

     seriously, the beards have been on a roll.  im so proud of them, tying it up like that with the staches. 

8 weeks. 2 months. thats it.

     there is only 8 weeks left until this school year is over and i will be leaving the state of utah and traveling back to MO.  just two months...its kinda super depressing...  dont get me wrong, im super excited to go home and be with my family and friends and work 3 jobs and have no life, but im super sad to leave everyone here.  seriously... its kinda starting to hit me that theres a huge possibility that i am never going to see these people again.  ok yeah im going to see jessica next year, seeing as how shes going to be my roommate, and malaysias my cousin, and hailey and emilee will be around, but ashley and all the boys?? they're all going to be gone! ahsley is going to community college in florida next year and then all the boys are going on their missions! for TWO YEARS.  maybe im being over dramatic but two years is a long time and i love these people and a lot can happen in two years, and it just sucks cuz now we have to go and make all new friends again. blaahhhhh
     i mean seriously, why didnt anyone prepare me for this.  i mean there are plenty of things that cant be really prepared for... your first period (no amount of talks before hand can prepare you for the onslaught of crampage and blood gushing from your body for a week), senioritis (the pain involved in that was truely quite unexpected, senioritis is supposed to be fun right? FALSE! (black bears) it sucked.), and now this.  Couldnt someone, anyone really, have just been like 'hey, you are going to go to college and you are going to make a lot of friends your first year there, dont get to know any of the boys, cuz if you do they will become your best friends and you will love them and then your life will suck because they will be wrenched from your life for two years and by then you/they wont even remember them/you and it all just sucks buttmonkeys.'  yeah that wouldve been nice if someone had told me that.
     oh well...i mean i guess it isnt that big of a deal right?  i will still have friends/make new friends and it will be great and glorious and then i'll get married and live happily ever after right. hahaha yeah anyways hope all is well with all of you =] i hope you all have a good week this week and that all of your wildest dreams come true.  peace and blessings, peace and blessings.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

facial profiling

     time to add to my running count of facial hair spottings! =]  the last count was beards: 3 and staches: 5.  tonight i happily add 1 beard and 2 staches to the count.  the first stache is from the other day when i locked myself out of my room and had to trek all the way over to the central building (without my glasses i might add, they were locked away in my room) and get a spare from the front desk.  i walk in and what do i see?  yup you guessed it a stache! haha actually you guys have probably seen this stache if you've watched the two man flash dance video i have posted further down (if you havent, we cant be friends).  so yeah that was stache number one.
     the other new stache and beard were spotted tonight at a ballroom dancing competition (i thinks thats what you would call it??).  I went with my friend brayden to go support our friend garrett who was dancing in it.  and it turned out like a thousand other people were dancing in it as well that we didnt know about.  our other fhe brother jacob, and couple random people from our ward, daniel drake and jared king (the stars of the two man flash dance video, once again if you havent seen that yet, you have to watch it right now) and just a bunch of other people.  it was a lot of fun.  bubba and i found this guy with this enormous stache ( new stache number zwei) and really wanted him to win (after all our actual friends of course.)  he got pretty far =] there was also a guy with a beard there, so i mean he had great potential, but he sucked. but despite that he lands a place on my facial hair count.
     well i should probably go to bed now.  nighty night.
                             official facial hair count:  beards=4 staches=7

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


     commercials are dumb.  seriously most commercials i sit there watching them and i wonder who in their right mind thought that this would be entertaining or make me want to buy their product. however, at the same time commercials are glorious.  there are those few that i love dearly and hold close to my heart always.  and it got me thinking...who writes these commercials that i love so much?? how do they come up with such lovable lines and witty banter?  take this commercial for instance:

     sweet sha la las? neck deep in the sweet waters of friendship and trust?  these are the types of things that i love so much.  and then i realized. why do i love these things so much?? because it sounds like all the convos i have everyday.  seriously, take my daily conversation and you have stuff good enough to be in all the commercials i love.  i could easily write commercials and the stuff i would come up with would be 10000000000000000000000000000x better than most of the crap on tv. 
     im not saying that im actually going to go into whatever it is that people go into to write just saying its good to know that im just as if not more witty than all the commercials i love.  dont believe me? thats you're problem. we obviously arent friends like i thought we were =]

Monday, February 7, 2011

oh and just in case you were wondering...

     this is the epitome of friendship.
     nuff said really.

hey there. i like your hair. who does your hair? i wanna go there. OHMYGOSH.

     hey.  so these guys are in my ward in snow hall. they are pretty much super funny. love them =]  sarva (the indian) is one of my home teachers.  i hope you enjoy them as much as i do.

    yeah i love them. so funny.  oh and in case you are wondering hailey has been slacking on the black history celebrations, but dont worry i will smack her down for it. =] love you. peace and blessings, peace and blessings.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

day two of love blacks month

     heres poem number two :] i know you are just dying to see it:

'Dagnabit, if I'd just been born black, I would not have to go through all this'.
     hahaha hope you enjoyed. =]

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

happy black history month!

     since i am only half black, hailey has decided that i can only celebrate for half of the month.  i chose the first half of the month since by the end of february nobody remembers its black history month still.  hailey also informed me that she will be giving me a poem or a quote everyday for the first 14 days (thats half) so i can learn about my heritage, since and i quote "you cant know where you're going if you dont know where you came from".  here is the first one:

For My People

by Margaret Walker
Margaret Walker
For my people everywhere singing their slave songs
     repeatedly: their dirges and their ditties and their blues
     and jubilees, praying their prayers nightly to an
     unknown god, bending their knees humbly to an
     unseen power;

For my people lending their strength to the years, to the
    gone years and the now years and the maybe years,
    washing ironing cooking scrubbing sewing mending
    hoeing plowing digging planting pruning patching
    dragging along never gaining never reaping never
    knowing and never understanding;

For my playmates in the clay and dust and sand of Alabama
    backyards playing baptizing and preaching and doctor
    and jail and soldier and school and mama and cooking
    and playhouse and concert and store and hair and
    Miss Choomby and company;

For the cramped bewildered years we went to school to learn
    to know the reasons why and the answers to and the
    people who and the places where and the days when, in
    memory of the bitter hours when we discovered we
    were black and poor and small and different and nobody
    cared and nobody wondered and nobody understood;

For the boys and girls who grew in spite of these things to
    be man and woman, to laugh and dance and sing and
    play and drink their wine and religion and success, to
    marry their playmates and bear children and then die
    of consumption and anemia and lynching;

For my people thronging 47th Street in Chicago and Lenox
    Avenue in New York and Rampart Street in New
    Orleans, lost disinherited dispossessed and happy
    people filling the cabarets and taverns and other
    people’s pockets and needing bread and shoes and milk and
    land and money and something—something all our own;

For my people walking blindly spreading joy, losing time
     being lazy, sleeping when hungry, shouting when
     burdened, drinking when hopeless, tied, and shackled
     and tangled among ourselves by the unseen creatures
     who tower over us omnisciently and laugh;

For my people blundering and groping and floundering in
     the dark of churches and schools and clubs
     and societies, associations and councils and committees and
     conventions, distressed and disturbed and deceived and
     devoured by money-hungry glory-craving leeches,
     preyed on by facile force of state and fad and novelty, by
     false prophet and holy believer;

For my people standing staring trying to fashion a better way
    from confusion, from hypocrisy and misunderstanding,
    trying to fashion a world that will hold all the people,
    all the faces, all the adams and eves and their countless generations;

Let a new earth rise. Let another world be born. Let a
    bloody peace be written in the sky. Let a second
    generation full of courage issue forth; let a people
    loving freedom come to growth. Let a beauty full of
    healing and a strength of final clenching be the pulsing
    in our spirits and our blood. Let the martial songs
    be written, let the dirges disappear. Let a race of men now
    rise and take control.
      she sent it to me without reading the end, and i was really hoping that it would end super terribly and offensive, but it turned out ok haha  anyways i hope all you people back in good ol' MO are enjoying snowpocalypse.  wish i could be with you! =] peace and blessings, peace and blessings