Tuesday, August 16, 2011

matthew lewis aka neville longbottom aka the now complete and total BABE

     neville longbottom. we all know who he is. we've all seen the movies and read the books (at least we all should have, harry potter is kinda an essential to a happy life, so i hope you all have at least seen the movies, i wouldnt want you going through life all sad and what not) neville is what you would call a lameo nerd who turns into a total BAMF. (dont ask me what that means, kinda supainaprop but thats really the only way to describe him) seriously his character's progression through out the books is sheer awesomeness. i can easily say he is one of my fave characters in the whole story. however, the only thing that could rival the character of neville longbottoms awe inspiring transformation from zero to hero would be the actor who plays him, and HIS transformation.
     have you seen matthew lewis lately?! if you haven't you are in for a real treat. and i mean it, just a real all out treat. i dont even really know how to put it into words, i think it's probably best to just show you. here we go. prepare to have your mind blown (in the best of ways of course):

neville longbottom in the first movie, when he was the epitome of nerdness and clumsyness:

 a little bit more grown up, but seriously, those teeth slay me, and lets add total awkwardness to that above list:

here's another one, better most deff better, but still just neville longbottom:

annnd then next thing you know BAM! and you're left thinking "kjwdifnrufnbrkiejnfjk! what the WHAT?!?!":
     i mean seriously. i will be the first one to stand up and say that i totally and completely did not see that one coming. i mean honestly who did?? even with the knowledge from the books that neville totally turns all BA...  i feel like this was pretty much everyone's reaction to him turning into a total hottayyy:

     but honestly, how could you not love that?! i mean look he's even got that nice scruffy scruff goin on, and you guys know how much i love the scruffy scruff, and just his hair in general i feel is to die for, and then that thing he does with his eyebrow. yeah, that get all da ladies swoonin. observe closer:

      yeah, you know you totes just swooned. hahaha swooned, what a funny word. anyways, i just wanted to make sure that you all knew of the awesomeness that is matt lewis and his successful journey through puberty. peace and blessings, peace and blessings =]


  1. hee heee... BAMF... Sydney Nicole, how do you know about such things?? :D

  2. how do YOU know about such things??? ;P