Thursday, October 13, 2011

day 444444444

     today for the 30 day blogging challenge i am supposed to put my ipod on shuffle and then write down the first 10 songs that come up. well you see i find that a little lacking, so i have decided that i'll also include the music video of the songs so you guys can enjoy them too! enjoy!!! =]

song one: Inside Out by Eve 6
shout out to katie! and all those summer nights laying out on her trampoline! =]

song two: Someday by The Strokes
shout out to alicia ehrmann!

song three: Float On by Modest Mouse
i do enjoy me some modest mouse =]

song four: Irreplaceable by Beyonce
nuthin like reppin a little beyonceeeeee hahaha wow didn't even know that i had this song anymore

song five: Bambi by Tokyo Police Club
i have got to say, i love TPC. this is from their newer cd champ aka the one that i dont like as much as their older one elephant shell, but i still love them with all my heart =]

song six: Baby One More Time by Chad Michael Murrey
hahahahahahah oh man. way to take it back to 6th grade. gosh i loved this movie. and i loved him! haha

song seven: Bad Romance by Lady Gaga
i guess no music collection would be complete without one song of lady gaga's right?? yeah no, i really have no justification for having this song other than i like it. so yeah go on and judge. buuuuut lucky for you, i put the On The Rocks version of the song on here! they are an a cappella group that were on the sing off last season (aka the best season ever)! hope you enjoy it! oh and try to find the guy who looks like one of the bad guys from george of the jungle! hahaha

song eight: Good Life by OneRepublic
honestly, this is one of my fave songs ever! i love it so much. oh and it played in the beginning of one of my fave tv shows ever, rookie blue aka a cop show. yes i watch a cop show. and i love it with all my heart! haha but anyways everytime this song comes on and im driving around in my car, i like to pretend im a cop and its awesome! hahaah

song nine: Tessellate by Tokyo Police Club
one of my favorite songs of all time by them! shout out to james! =]

song ten: Fire and Rain by James Taylor
this song always reminds me of remember the titans and my mother. two things that i love very much =] hhaa

     Alrighty, well those are my ten randomly pulled songs from my ipod! do you feel like you know me more intimately?? hahahaha i kinda hope not cuz i feel like if you were going to judge me from a group of songs, a lot of those would not be on the list that i would pick. but oh well. hope you are having a good night or day or whatever you want. =]

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

dayyyyy threeeeee

     okie dokie! well first off i have to apologize for missing a couple of days... i have been super busy/sick/just lazy the past 2 days and that is unacceptable. but look! i pushed the dates back on the posts and made it look like i never missed a day! yay for magic and cheating! ok well anyways, day numbero drei: your views on drugs and alcohol.
     ok well wow. it's getting into some pretty serious stuff i guess. my views on drugs and alcohol? well obviously(we have a rapist in lincoln park) drugs and alcohol are bad. we've all learned this since we were like what? 2 seconds old?? yeah. while i have never been schwasted or high like a kite before, i do know plenty of people who have and i feel no judgment towards them. if they want to fill their bodies with nastiness and kill their brain cells and be perpetually starving and drink crap that makes them puke their guts out and feel like boo boo the whole next day, thats fine with me. that is a-ok. i would totes never do it though. it kinda sounds like a form of torture.
     however. there are situations when i do and plan on partaking in drugs.  during period parties for example.  ibuprofen is my life during these week long torture fests.  during childbirth is another situation.  I am going to practically have them knock me out with drugs during this little joy of life. and if ever there were a time that i did do actual drugs/alcohol it would be during these to escape the pain/torture. ( hahaha jk jk, but no that would be awesome right? hahaha jk) but i kind of find it funny how both these things kinda have to do with the same thing.... i think its a sign that if these things can drive a person to contemplate turning to drugs then there is something wrong with the system.   i mean seriously who's idea was it to make it so that women would be stuck for life with debilitating pain that has the potential to turn into pushing a practically full grown human being out of their own bodies??? yeah i feel like there is something majorly wrong with that...
     oh and another time when drugs are a must: having your wisdom teeth pulled.  this is hopefully going to happen to me in the near future seeing as my wisdom teeth are currently trying to catapult out of my head. annd really the only thing that is going to make the experience of then slicing open my mouth and cutting my teeth out of my skull is the fact that i am going to tell them to drug me up so much that i will hopefully be straight loopy afterwards. expect videos. =] hahaha i am so excited for that!
     anyways so yeah basically illegal drugs are bad. hugs not drugs. water not beer. stay in school. remember who you are. and peace and blessings, peace and blessings.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


     alrighty! day two of the totally awesome 30 day blogging challenge! are you guys ready?? cuz i know i am! lets see what's in store for today...:  where do you see yourself  in 10 years?
     ok well, im not gonna lie you guys, i think this is a pretty lameeee question.  for some reason it's taking me back to 5th grade...i think they asked us the same question then....and oh yeah, every year since then. if i had kept track of all the where i see myself in 10 years i have done every single year since then, i would have my whole life neatly mapped out before me... that would be nice. hahaha i think though, back in 5th grade, i'm pretty sure i said like living in utah or something lamee and totally mormon like that so im pretty much on the golden path so far. rad! hahaha
     anyways, 10 years from now. today, October 11, 2011.  so what would that be? Oct. 11, 2021?? well dang, doesn't that sound all futuristic and what not. haha anyways so I will be 29, almost 30 years old...!!!! oh my.... that's quite an age... like 3 full whole decades! im just barely getting used to being around almost 2..... dang... idunno what i'm going to have done by then, though hopefully by then i will own a flying car and one of those microwaves that zap up full meals out of the sky. that'd be cool.  i think i would quite enjoy flying around in my little flyingmoblie. or maybe someone will have discovered how to actually disapperate/apperate by then and i wont even need a flying car! yeah now that would be awesome!
     no but seriously. i see myself in 10 years with my millions, that either i acquired myself with my stunning career, or you know married into with my fabulously wealthy (and bearded) husband. we will live in a mansion in utah (keeping in line with my 5th grade self, thats important) that we built with our raw bear hands, and by then would have adopted a couple of children from the romainian orphanages as well as have had a couple billion children ourselves since by then of course they dont use needles during childbirth and came up with a way that they just kind of teleport the child from inside your body to cradled in your arms.  and our lives will be wonderfully wonderful. and on October 11, 2021 my husband and i will be contacted by movie producers who will want to make a movie of our wonderfully successful lives to show others the type of pure awesomeness that is possible in this life.
     so um yeah. i think that basically sums up what i see happening in my life in 10 years, and im not gonna lie, im pretty dang excited! i am going to have quite the life.  dont worry, maybe if you ask nicely i'll let you be in the movie about my life, so keep your fingers crossed! hahahahaha oh gosh. anyways, i hope your day is going fabulous and much better than mine so far. and i hope that each one you end up with a future as bright and promising and exactly like mine! (unless of course you are a male in which case you will marry a fabulously wealthy, beardless wifey). peace and blessings peace and blessings! =]

Monday, October 10, 2011

30 day blog challenge! here we go! DAY ONE =]

     so ive decided to do a 30 day blog challenge on here. so basically if i succeed i will be blogging about random things on here for at least 30 days straight! aren't you excited!? i know i am! hahah anywayyyys so this is day one:  your current relationship. if single, discuss how single life is.
     i think it would be safe to say based on previous posts on here that i am single (no one has come up proclaiming their desire to be called beefy cake huns yet... surprising i know...).  so yeah how is single life going?? well it's going.... just trudgin along like always. it would be nice to have a beefy cake huns, but obviously my standards for my point system are just too high (major points, aka a necessity, if he has a beard, but i mean this is byu we're talking about... aka no one has a beard sadly...) so ummmm yeah....
     well obviously, this 30 day challenge thing is off to a great start. really some interesting and moving stuff here.... so um yeah tune in tomorrow hopefully if i havent tossed this out the window by then for day 2!!! whooooo! yeah! should be exciting! =] anyways... sorry this was super lamee... i just feel like i've kinda already explained my views on single livin (see beefy cake huns post below) so yeah... hopefully these things will get better...till then peace and blessings, peace and blessings! =]

Saturday, October 8, 2011


     ok seriously, have you ever been on pinterest? no? what is pinterest you ask? basically it is heaven in website form for those people who like to pretend that they are crafty, and creative, and witty and home improvey and artsy, when really all they do is sit on pinterest all day pinning awesome things to their awesome boards. hahaaha  annnnd seeing as how i actually AM all those things, its the perfect website for me. haahahah no but seriously i have been addicted to this website since over the summer.  its basically a website where everybody has online bulletin boards that they can "pin" different things that they find over the internet that they like to, and share it with everybody else on the website. aka it is sheer awesomeness! here i'll give you a little preview so you can see for your self just how awesome it is and know that your life depends on you getting a pinterest.  right now i have 12 boards. I'll give you a preview of with the first 3 things i have pinned in my favorite ones. enjoy! =]
my boards:


harry potter-


cutie pies-

ideas for my future home-


zombie apocalypse-

     so basically as you can see you can pretty much pin about whatever your heart desires! i pretty much love it with all my heart... seriously, go check it out! just dont get addicted like i did...hahahaha =]

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

ohhh byu...

     so apparently, according to my human development teacher, 30 to 40% of the girls here at byu have an eating disorder, as in anorexia/bulimia... lets think about that for a second.  almost half of the female population here are crazy psychopaths who starve themselves/shove crap down their throats to make themselves puke their guts out on a regular basis... no wonder being here makes me hate myself so much.  hhahaa no but knowing this does kinda makes me feel slightly better about myself, ish... i mean i know that i could/should most def lose weight, but at least im not a crazy chick eating nothing but the occasional cube of cheese every couple of weeks.  obviously it would be impossible to look like half of these girls walking around on campus because i seem to be unable to get rid of my love of food, no matter how hard i try... oh well, if anything, this has taught me that the goal should be to be healthy and not a super skinny stick figure.... oh! and this probably also has to do with the fact that every single person here in provo runs every second of the day, which honestly makes me exhausted just thinking about it... hahaha anyways, hope your life is going well and that you aren't surrounded by starving girls 24/7! =] peace and blessings, peace and blessings.

Monday, October 3, 2011

is a gentleman with a brostache invited to this party??

     new school year means a new stache/beard count. and let me just say i have some good feelings about this year. i have a feeling that this will be the year of the beard card. hahaha  anyways, apparently, there was/is this reenactment of Jesus's time going on or something like that so they needed volunteers for guys to grow beards to be jewish in it, aka the number of beards on campus, dramatically increased.  annnnnd as of today the beards are winning! =D yayayay hahah the count stands at beards: 11 staches: 8. which is pretty crazy considering for most of last year the staches were in the lead.  but just so the staches dont get down on their luck i've decided to through in a little stache humor to boost their spirits, because honestly when it comes to humor staches trump beards every time. hahah enjoy!

annnnnnnd my all time faveeee