Monday, October 3, 2011

is a gentleman with a brostache invited to this party??

     new school year means a new stache/beard count. and let me just say i have some good feelings about this year. i have a feeling that this will be the year of the beard card. hahaha  anyways, apparently, there was/is this reenactment of Jesus's time going on or something like that so they needed volunteers for guys to grow beards to be jewish in it, aka the number of beards on campus, dramatically increased.  annnnnd as of today the beards are winning! =D yayayay hahah the count stands at beards: 11 staches: 8. which is pretty crazy considering for most of last year the staches were in the lead.  but just so the staches dont get down on their luck i've decided to through in a little stache humor to boost their spirits, because honestly when it comes to humor staches trump beards every time. hahah enjoy!

annnnnnnd my all time faveeee

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  1. Sydney I just have to say I love you and reading your blog/creeping on your life even though you haven't updated this in a while. :)
    Love you bunches and looking forward to seeing you at break!

    P.S. That last photo is like my favorite ever:D