Thursday, October 13, 2011

day 444444444

     today for the 30 day blogging challenge i am supposed to put my ipod on shuffle and then write down the first 10 songs that come up. well you see i find that a little lacking, so i have decided that i'll also include the music video of the songs so you guys can enjoy them too! enjoy!!! =]

song one: Inside Out by Eve 6
shout out to katie! and all those summer nights laying out on her trampoline! =]

song two: Someday by The Strokes
shout out to alicia ehrmann!

song three: Float On by Modest Mouse
i do enjoy me some modest mouse =]

song four: Irreplaceable by Beyonce
nuthin like reppin a little beyonceeeeee hahaha wow didn't even know that i had this song anymore

song five: Bambi by Tokyo Police Club
i have got to say, i love TPC. this is from their newer cd champ aka the one that i dont like as much as their older one elephant shell, but i still love them with all my heart =]

song six: Baby One More Time by Chad Michael Murrey
hahahahahahah oh man. way to take it back to 6th grade. gosh i loved this movie. and i loved him! haha

song seven: Bad Romance by Lady Gaga
i guess no music collection would be complete without one song of lady gaga's right?? yeah no, i really have no justification for having this song other than i like it. so yeah go on and judge. buuuuut lucky for you, i put the On The Rocks version of the song on here! they are an a cappella group that were on the sing off last season (aka the best season ever)! hope you enjoy it! oh and try to find the guy who looks like one of the bad guys from george of the jungle! hahaha

song eight: Good Life by OneRepublic
honestly, this is one of my fave songs ever! i love it so much. oh and it played in the beginning of one of my fave tv shows ever, rookie blue aka a cop show. yes i watch a cop show. and i love it with all my heart! haha but anyways everytime this song comes on and im driving around in my car, i like to pretend im a cop and its awesome! hahaah

song nine: Tessellate by Tokyo Police Club
one of my favorite songs of all time by them! shout out to james! =]

song ten: Fire and Rain by James Taylor
this song always reminds me of remember the titans and my mother. two things that i love very much =] hhaa

     Alrighty, well those are my ten randomly pulled songs from my ipod! do you feel like you know me more intimately?? hahahaha i kinda hope not cuz i feel like if you were going to judge me from a group of songs, a lot of those would not be on the list that i would pick. but oh well. hope you are having a good night or day or whatever you want. =]

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