Friday, January 28, 2011

michael jackson is such the talent.

     yes i realize that i used present tense as if he were still alive, but seriously even in death this guy is more talented than most of the people in the entertainment business today.  and ok i'll admit it...i used to think he was weird.  i mean could you really expect anything else? growing up he was the weird white person who looked and sounded like a girl who was actually a black man.  what other conclusion would a small child come to other than, 'wow, that guy is really weird.'  but now as an older version of myself i can now look past all that and realize he was pretty much simply AH-MAZING.
     i remember my mom telling me that she had pictures of michael jackson in her locker and i remember thinking why on earth would you have pictures of him?!?! but now i get it.  he is pretty much the best ever.  me and malaysia were watchin some of his videos last night on youtube and they are just so good.
     pretty much the best music video ever in creation rivaled only by thriller.  yeah so, yeah.  you're probably thinking 'yeah i've know all this forever.  michael jackson the best? known about that since before you were born' but ive just been thinkin about his amazingness all day and thought id share it. hhaa =]

Thursday, January 27, 2011

oh yeah and we won last night =]


if im not insane by the end of this semester im finna start bustin some caps

     and by insane i mean skinny/skinnier.  jessica and i are doing this work out program thing called insanity, and let me tell you, it is insane.  its like 45 something minutes everyday of interval crap that pretty much kills your body.  and really idunno if any weight lossage is actually gonna come from it but at the least it strengthening my muscles right??  we would prob see more results if we were actually on a diet also.  as of right now we arent really on one, just more the exercise more eat less diet (emphasis on the die part). 
     but yeah despite the dying and our newly found hatred of stairs its been going pretty good and im really hoping that we both keep on keepin on, and that i wont have to bust any caps.
     hope you're having a good day. peace and blessings, peace and blessings. =]

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

oh hey there facial hair...

     i can honestly say that i hate the no beard rule here at byu.  idunno... i never really used to care for beards before i came here, but for some reason now i really like them/miss seeing at least some guys with facial hair on a regular basis (mandie mcmannnnn would be so proud haha)...buuuuuut i guess not allowing every guy to grow facial hair makes it all the more exciting when you do see it....
     thats right, even though they arent allowed, i do still see some guys sporting facial hair around campus every now and then.  mostly in the shape of mustaches (i know what you're thinking...mustaches?? ewww. but beggers cant be choosers right?) and every now and again the elusive beard (guys can have beards if they have a beard card, aka a man card). everytime a guy walks by with facial hair its super unexpected though and all you can think is 'oh hey there facial hair' and its like super distracting. haha for example, ashley and i have the same anthro class and about a week ago we were watching a movie in it and this ta was up front telling everyone about this question that we should be thinking about throughout the film so we can later write a paper on it and couldnt hear a word she said.  so we were all like 'what she say?? dang was that important??' and this guy turned around and very kindly told us what she had said...the only problem was he had this huge perfectly sculpted stache upon his lip and we completely didnt even get what the question was again cuz it was so distracting. hahah
    but yeah ive started to make a game out of counting the number of beards and staches i've seen on campus. so far beards are at 3 and staches 5.  im thinking im gonna try and get some pics to post up here each time i see one, but if not i will definintely keep you updated on the tally either way. haha

katy perry's teenage dream

     so i like this song right. its pretty good and catchy and everything, however, as you may know if you have listened to it, some of the lyrics are a little questionable...but i LOVE these covers of it.  they are wonderful.  they are in order of most favorite to just good. enjoy. =]

this one is my absolute fave ever! love it love it.

this one is just straight up awesome. and plus it reminds me of the sing off which was pretty much the best show ever. ha

and this one is good.  i like the guitar in it.

     hahaha so yeah that basically what i've been doing all day...being lame on youtube.  but whatevs, everybody has those days (everybody makes mistakes....ha jk ewww) right?? haha anyways hope you enjoyed these super coolio songs.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

hey there

     sorry i havent posted anything in a while....nothing very noteworthy, or i guess blogworthy, has happened lately.  however, julian smith (my soulmate) came out with a new video that i LOVEEEE.  its like my new anthem to life. haha here it is for your enjoyment:
     yeah. pretty much the best ever. but yeah lets see.... some other things that have happened lately....oh. my other soulmate (aka my german teacher) and i are pretty much connected at the brain/soul. haha he put us into groups the other day and he put me in a group with all girls, which is fine, but i sat there thinking 'hmmm it woulda been nice to have at least one boy in the group...'  and then like two minutes later John, my german teacher, was like 'hmmmm it looks like i made a mistake here, there are two all girl groups and one all guys you guys wanna change that?? mix and mingle a little bit?' and of course everyone said yes so today he was re-creating a couple of the groups and i was really hoping this one guy would be in my group cuz he's pretty cute and guess whos in my group??? thats right, cute boy. yup, what did i say?? connected at the brain/soul. i guess that what soulmates means....ha anyways yeah hope you enjoyed the video.  i know i did. =] peace and blessings, peace and blessings.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

and now for your daily dosage of pure awesomeness

     last night jimmer fredette crushed the utah utes.  in case you dont know, jimmer fredette is point guard for the BYU Cougars basketball. and he is pretty much the best ever.  last night he scored 47 points, 32 in the first half. here just watch this, he is nonhuman.
     so there you go. todays dosage of pure awesomeness. =]

this has been on my mind for quite some time now...

     yes...this has been plaguing my mind for a while now and i just thought that i'd get it off my chest:  WHAT THE HAY IS UP WITH BEN BARNES, PRINCE CASPIAN, IN DAWN TREADER????  i mean seriously??  i went and saw this movie with my family on christmas, and lets be honest, the only thing i was looking forward to seeing in that movie was him, and im pretty sure every other female who went to see it went for that exact same reason as well.  
     can you imagine my distraughtness when the supafineee caspian that i had come to know and love:
ends up looking like this:
     now i realize that there are differences such as he has a beard, his hair is wet/or sweaty, i cant tell, and the lighting of the photo is different, but really? these things should really not have any effect.  seriously, beards are supposed to make men look better.  everyone loves a little scruffy scruff, and if im being truthful his does look pretty good.  but what is up with his super pale skin and the sudden loss of his accent.  thats right.  HIS ACCENT was suddenly gone, as in no longer there.  whoever decided he didnt need it anymore was a little cra cra, cuz everyone knows that the ladies go cra cra themselves for accents.  and why is his skin so pale?? he had such a nice creamy complexion going on and he was lookin so good.  pale does not become him.
     not to say that he did not look good.  it was just a shock to see him go from SUPAFINEEE to ummm? is that even him??.  but yeah i am in no way saying that ben barnes is not a super attractive guy, just he couldve been MORE attractive if he had stuck with the creamy skin and heavenly accent.

Monday, January 10, 2011

first week back continued...

     yeah the other post was getting super long so i decided to cut it off....ok lets see where was i...classes! im really liking all of my classes so far this semester...well almost all of them i guess.  the one that is going to kill my soul is social and cultural anthropology, and not because its a boring class, but because the teacher is...odd.  he's got this funny little pretentious british accent, and not the good kind cuz he's wayyy to old to have the good kind.  and he's just up there droning on and on about blah blah blah and within like 2 seconds of this my brain started crying and melting and i realized i was going to hate this class.  the only good part of the class was the part when he said that we were going to be studying zombies, bringing the classes cool points up to 394983972972974...but dont get too excited thats from a starting point of -9982979799982738798989898749798928, so yeah. hah anyways needless to say the class is going to suck, and really the only bright side to it is that ashley is in there with me and we can both make each other do our homework and write all the papers for it.
     no but yeah enough of all this lame talk.  i have lots of classes that i actually really enjoy.  my book of mormon class for instance.  now last semesters bom class was a nuclear disaster ( get it, get it?? nuclear, bom class...? hahaha) but this one is so good i can already tell.  its with hank smith and he's pretty much the best bom teacher ever.  i had him as a sub last semester and i knew from that one day that he was the teacher from me.  im sure i'll write more about him on here many much more times.
     then there is my writing and rhetoric class.  this class is currently ranked ok, but has the potential to move up on the ranking list.  its pretty much just basically going to be a lot of writing which i dont have a problem with, except that like we have to share like every single thing we write with the rest of the class to get like feedback and comments and suggestions and other gay things like that.  i dont want to share my writing with anybody except for whoevers grading it.  i dont want other people to be reading everything.  idunno maybe thats being just dumb but yeah. thats basically the only thing keeping this class down because it seems pretty cool.  the first class she has us analyze mr. darcy's first marriage proposal and why it went so wrong and stuff and then she had us right down what he should have said and how he should've went about it.  haha there was this one guy who shared his when he was done and i swear every single girl in that class turned to buttah. hahah it was great.
      my second favorite class is descriptive astronomy, which let me just say is pretty cool.  its in the planetarium in the science building and has super comfy chairs that you lay back in and stare at the ceiling and stars. its great.  we "went" up to the north pole and watched the stars rotation there and it was super cool cuz none of the stars up there rise or set, they just go in a circle around the north star and it felt like the room was spinning and it was just great.
     but my favorite class by far is my german class. i know i know what you all are thinking.  german? really? you hate german.  NEIN! i dont hate german, i just disliked german cuz it sucked so much in high school.  this german class is really cool and really easy since i took 3 years.  but yeah its just a fun class.  the teacher is really funny and fun and i may or may not love him, but only with half of my heart since he's married. hahah but yeah its great. i cant wait to go home and speak nothing but german to everyone. =]
     ok so now for all the funny things that have happened this week.  me and jess went grocery shopping together at the creamery and we were walking down the produce aisle contemplating our purchases and we're both examining something, i dont remember what it was probably lettuce or something gay like that, and we turn around and this little old lady is putting her onions in our empty cart and walking off with it.  hahaha we both just kinda stand there just staring at her, and then we both just start laughing to hard.  we didnt really know what to do, we prob would've not done anything if my wallet hadnt been sitting in the little baby seat part of the cart, i couldnt just leave that.  so jessica kinda just walks up to it and as the ladys back is turned grabs my wallet and we both just run away laughing so hard and go and get a new cart and avoid that lady at all costs the rest of the time. hahaha but i mean seriously what else can you do in a situation like that?? haha
     the second super funny thing would have to be today.  im sitting in my german class in the back of the class and this guy comes and sits down next to me, no big deal right.  class starts and out of the corner of my eye i can see this guy and he looks like he just rolled out of bed.  weird black boot things, plaid pajama pants, a holey sweatshirt, and best of all an american flag raggity doo rag.   pretty much made my day seeing him wearing that.  like seriously? in what world does anybody, other than hard core macho men and bikers, wake up and think 'huh, i think i'll wear my american flag doo rag today'.  and its not like this kid is black (ha please, the chances of having a black kid in your classes are slim to none), he's white as white can be.  and really not even being black would've redeemed him. black guys dont wear corny american flag doo rags, they've got like the nice silky yeah on all counts i have no idea what this kid was thinking. it was great. we should be best friends.

first week back: the devil train, my birthday, grill closer, new classes, and everything else inbetween

     ok yeah so its been a pretty good first week back so far i would have to say.  its been pretty eventful. everything pretty much starts out with the devil train (most def not the hogwarts express).  seriously i dont mean to diss trains or anything but they suck buttmonkeys (dont ask me what that means...its just something i find myself saying often ha).  really, and honestly never ride the train ever, unless its just like for little happy SHORT family outings. NEVER NEVER EVER plan to ride the train for a DAY AND A HALF. its doesnt matter how many books or games or electronic devices you bring with you, they will not help to pass the time and you will want to die by the end of it. just warning you. you've been warned....well i mean i guess there are some upsides to taking the train though....its less get to see beautiful colorado (coronado)....get to sit next to people who disappear for hours and come back smelling like weed...oh wait...hmmmm i mean you get to play nerts for 4 straight hours.  so you see there are good things about the train...just not enough to justify the death that will befall upon you if you take it. hahah
     anywaysss so we finally get off the train at 10 o'clock at night monday night (we got on the train sunday at 530) and somehow manage to cram all our luggage into hailey's jeep (even malaysias 2nd suitcase that was just for her shoes...? ha) and FINALLY make it home sweet home to good ol' heritage halls, 155 wells hall.  i then promptly begin handing out christmas presents to everyone telling them to open them quickly so i wont end up giving THEM presents on MY birthday. and then blah blah blah they love them blah blah blah we order and devour pizza blah blah blah blah blah a lot of other stuff that i cant remember or care about and then i go to sleep and its MY BIRTHDAY!
     my birthday started out fab.  my first class at 930 am (thats right, all my classes start at 9 and 930 this semester...what was i thinking??!) was canceled and i got to sleep in and it was just glorious especially after that horrible train ride.  then i get up get ready for the day, receive my books in the mail, and then head on out to my german class at 12, which is my only class that day, which is SA-WEEET.  pretty much the best class ever. easily my favorite class. the teacher is super funny and cute and im remembering how to speak german and its just great.  annnnnnd then after that when i get home i get a call from the creamery from my new boss asking if its ok if they train me tonight with the other girl.  so i tell her thats fine, have a great rest of my birthday and then at 9 o'clock head on over to the creamery.
     now in case you are unawares, i was hired right at the end of last semester by the creamery on 9th to be a grill closer.  what is a grill closer you ask? basically i go in at 9 after the grill closes and clean the grill.  i wrap up food, wipe down counters, do dishes, sweep.  doesnt sound that bad right? FALSE. (black bears) i also have to clean the grill grill grill, as in the one they are searing dead meat on all day long.  so yeah let me give you a play by play of this particular little joy of life:
1. get one 3 gallon bucket to put under the grease hole to collect the nastiness
2. take out grease pan from under the grease hole and dump into grease bucket (grease pan is full of both liquids and chunky solids), then place grease bucket under grease hole
3. turn off grill and immediately douse in ice water.  let it sit there for a second and then proceed to scrape into the grease canal which leads to the grease hole which dumps into the grease bucket
4. after the water comes the grill cleaner, which smells like death and ironically can cause death if it gets on your skin (it kills your liver in like 0.2 seconds).  so you take the grill cleaner pour the whole thing over the whole grill, let it sit there for a second and sink in and bubble and then scrap it off into the canal. rinse, repeat.
5. after the grill cleaner you are still not done, then you have to bleach the thing with vinegar, annd we all know what vinegar smells like.
6. finally after that you are done with the cleaning aspect of the grill and all thats left to do is dump the now full three gallon bucket of grease. honestly, i collect enough grease in one night to grease the hair of the whole cast of the movie Grease for like a thousand years. oh and its best to try not to spill the grease all down your front...not an enjoyable experience.
     but yeah thats my job and thats semi what i learned to do on my birthday.  really all the training on my birthday did was make me so stinkin nervous for the next day cuz i had no idea how to do any of it. all i knew was that i sucked at all of it and was gonna be alone doing this (well not completely alone cuz i mean the ice cream ppl are still there but whatevs) but yeah i went there the next and finally started to figure things out and making sense of all the grossness. it was great, and really all that really matters is that im getting paid and its ok that it takes me a gazillion years the clean everything, im getting money for every second of it. thats all that really matters.