Wednesday, January 12, 2011

this has been on my mind for quite some time now...

     yes...this has been plaguing my mind for a while now and i just thought that i'd get it off my chest:  WHAT THE HAY IS UP WITH BEN BARNES, PRINCE CASPIAN, IN DAWN TREADER????  i mean seriously??  i went and saw this movie with my family on christmas, and lets be honest, the only thing i was looking forward to seeing in that movie was him, and im pretty sure every other female who went to see it went for that exact same reason as well.  
     can you imagine my distraughtness when the supafineee caspian that i had come to know and love:
ends up looking like this:
     now i realize that there are differences such as he has a beard, his hair is wet/or sweaty, i cant tell, and the lighting of the photo is different, but really? these things should really not have any effect.  seriously, beards are supposed to make men look better.  everyone loves a little scruffy scruff, and if im being truthful his does look pretty good.  but what is up with his super pale skin and the sudden loss of his accent.  thats right.  HIS ACCENT was suddenly gone, as in no longer there.  whoever decided he didnt need it anymore was a little cra cra, cuz everyone knows that the ladies go cra cra themselves for accents.  and why is his skin so pale?? he had such a nice creamy complexion going on and he was lookin so good.  pale does not become him.
     not to say that he did not look good.  it was just a shock to see him go from SUPAFINEEE to ummm? is that even him??.  but yeah i am in no way saying that ben barnes is not a super attractive guy, just he couldve been MORE attractive if he had stuck with the creamy skin and heavenly accent.


  1. i know i was so disappointed!!!

  2. it was very disappointing.
    it crushed my soul. hahaa

  3. oh and you are my first comment ever doonie!