Thursday, January 20, 2011

hey there

     sorry i havent posted anything in a while....nothing very noteworthy, or i guess blogworthy, has happened lately.  however, julian smith (my soulmate) came out with a new video that i LOVEEEE.  its like my new anthem to life. haha here it is for your enjoyment:
     yeah. pretty much the best ever. but yeah lets see.... some other things that have happened lately....oh. my other soulmate (aka my german teacher) and i are pretty much connected at the brain/soul. haha he put us into groups the other day and he put me in a group with all girls, which is fine, but i sat there thinking 'hmmm it woulda been nice to have at least one boy in the group...'  and then like two minutes later John, my german teacher, was like 'hmmmm it looks like i made a mistake here, there are two all girl groups and one all guys you guys wanna change that?? mix and mingle a little bit?' and of course everyone said yes so today he was re-creating a couple of the groups and i was really hoping this one guy would be in my group cuz he's pretty cute and guess whos in my group??? thats right, cute boy. yup, what did i say?? connected at the brain/soul. i guess that what soulmates means....ha anyways yeah hope you enjoyed the video.  i know i did. =] peace and blessings, peace and blessings.

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