Tuesday, January 25, 2011

katy perry's teenage dream

     so i like this song right. its pretty good and catchy and everything, however, as you may know if you have listened to it, some of the lyrics are a little questionable...but i LOVE these covers of it.  they are wonderful.  they are in order of most favorite to just good. enjoy. =]

this one is my absolute fave ever! love it love it.

this one is just straight up awesome. and plus it reminds me of the sing off which was pretty much the best show ever. ha

and this one is good.  i like the guitar in it.

     hahaha so yeah that basically what i've been doing all day...being lame on youtube.  but whatevs, everybody has those days (everybody makes mistakes....ha jk ewww) right?? haha anyways hope you enjoyed these super coolio songs.

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