Tuesday, January 25, 2011

oh hey there facial hair...

     i can honestly say that i hate the no beard rule here at byu.  idunno... i never really used to care for beards before i came here, but for some reason now i really like them/miss seeing at least some guys with facial hair on a regular basis (mandie mcmannnnn would be so proud haha)...buuuuuut i guess not allowing every guy to grow facial hair makes it all the more exciting when you do see it....
     thats right, even though they arent allowed, i do still see some guys sporting facial hair around campus every now and then.  mostly in the shape of mustaches (i know what you're thinking...mustaches?? ewww. but beggers cant be choosers right?) and every now and again the elusive beard (guys can have beards if they have a beard card, aka a man card). everytime a guy walks by with facial hair its super unexpected though and all you can think is 'oh hey there facial hair' and its like super distracting. haha for example, ashley and i have the same anthro class and about a week ago we were watching a movie in it and this ta was up front telling everyone about this question that we should be thinking about throughout the film so we can later write a paper on it and couldnt hear a word she said.  so we were all like 'what she say?? dang was that important??' and this guy turned around and very kindly told us what she had said...the only problem was he had this huge perfectly sculpted stache upon his lip and we completely didnt even get what the question was again cuz it was so distracting. hahah
    but yeah ive started to make a game out of counting the number of beards and staches i've seen on campus. so far beards are at 3 and staches 5.  im thinking im gonna try and get some pics to post up here each time i see one, but if not i will definintely keep you updated on the tally either way. haha

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