Saturday, December 25, 2010

i love me some christmas continued....

      so i decided since i havent blogged on here for a while and i know of at least one person who apparently cant live life without being able to cyber stalk me (haileyyyyyyyyyy), that i'll post another christmas post stating what i got for christmas and what i would like for my BDAY, JAN. 4TH. so without further ado my lists:

Christmas Morning Gift List:

1. a BYU hoodie.

i havent gotten around to buying my own BYU attire yet, lame i know

2. a walgreens giftcard.
  this is very important because walgreens is glorious and holds the essentials to a happy soul.

3. target giftcards.
like walgreens, target also has that unique ability to take all of a persons worries and throw them out the door and replace them with fab and ah-mazing merchandise.

4. knight and day.
now i know what you are thinking, 'wow what a lame corny movie.' um yeah, that exactly why i LOVE LOVE LOVE it. seriously this movie is divine. =]

5. simon dewy calendar. 
i have been getting this calendar every year for like a thousand years and i love it. if you want quality and master artsmanship and painfully beautifulness, you will look him up and then buy him.  no one can paint Christ like him.

6. tokyo police club: champ. 
this is their second cd that apparently came out earlier this year that i had no clue about until like two seconds ago and was too poor to buy it.  love it, love them.

7. the black keys: brothers.
honestly, these guys may or may not be my fave band of all time at the moment, more emphasis on the may ( as in most def).

8. ocean's eleven, ocean's twelve, ocean's thirteen, and the original ocean's 11. 
i really have jessica to thank for this, if she hadnt gotten me oceans eleven, this would not have ever crossed anyones mind as a gift. and of course my momma, who actually bought it

9. community season one.
love. that is the only word to describe this.

   i'd say all in all it was a fab, wunderbar (german for wonderful, for all you ungerman people), spectacular christmas =] thank you everyone, mostly my mother and father, for all the gifts =] love you muchos.

nowwwww, for my NINETEENTH BDAY list:

1. money. hahah i can dream right? =]
2. ok really this list is kinda super hard to think of cuz i put all my effort and heart and soul into my christmas list and then forget about this one and now i dont know what to put.... so you know what... you dont have to really get me anything for my bday, just remember it. ha thats really all i ask for. hahaha

merry christmas once again. =]

i love me some christmas

      i pretty much love christmas.  christmas really is the best time of the year. not only does christmas mean presents and happiness and good food and celebrating the birth of Jesus, but it also means that i get to leave utah and do all this at home with my family and friends. it also means that it is almost my BIRTHDAY. thats right people. i am about to turn NINETEEN years old and my birthday is coming up in a few days.  now i know all of you are going to forget this in about two seconds in the mist of enjoying your christmas presents and celebrating new years, but i figure if i bring it up as much as possible maybe one of you will remember...hahaha anyways enough about my NINETEENTH BIRTHDAY coming up on JANUARY FOURTH, THE FOURTH OF JANUARY, FOUR DAYS AFTER NEW YEARS DAY, JANUARY FOURTH, and more about christmas.
       this christmas has been especially wonderful (i really wanted to say delicious, but that woulda been creepy).  like stated earlier i got to leave the mountainous, mormon (and according to some people, makebelieve) land of utah and travel via train (hogwarts express) to the magical wondrous world of good ol' MO.  honestly ive never been more happy to be home in my life.  i got off the train and was like hoping to be able to walk out all triumphant and all rockstar "YEAH!" like with both my fists pumped into the air, and then be surrounded by all my adoring fans family and friends, but in reality i still had 3 more hours in a car with my aunt and cousins until i'd make its out of stinkin IOWA and be really home.  so i just kinda decided to save my grand entrance for when i actually got home.  three hours later,  we pull up to my aunt and uncles house, and here i am again imagining my spectacular entrance with my family who loves me soooo much, annnnnnd they arent there. so you know i kinda just hang out at my cousins house for a little bit just you know just chillin, wonderin if my family is actually going to show up, or if you know they just decided to just forget about me and i was all like "whatevs"  annnnnd then FINALLY they pull into the driveway and by then my whole rockstar entrance is pointless and ruined and im just ready to go home and eat some homemade pizza and crash, but it was still wonderful seeing them and realizing that they do love me and hadnt decided to just leave me there for all of eternity. 
     but yeah so it was all huggy hug and joy and happiness and we traveled home and it was great and im so happy to finally be home.  seriously, i LOVE this place.  heres just a few things that i love about being home:

                   1. being with my family
                   2. driving my car, seriously, im pretty sure my car is the love of my life. for serious.
                   3. my baby gid, who made me feel like a rockstar when i walked in the door and actually did
                       realize that i was missing all these months
                   4. sleeping in my freeeeezing pitch black room
                   5. seeing all my frannnns
                   6. going back to handyman and seeing my cashiers and salesmen and warehouse guys =]
                   7. drivin around in my car jammin out to my mad beats with besties
                   8. spending christmas eve running errands and making bread and eating delectables and playing
                       risk and going caroling
                   9. waking up christmas morning with my family and finally not being the one who runs out of
                       presents before everybody else, but actually having the most =] now all i have to do is get
                       them to let me open them oldest to youngest hahaha
                  10. building up the confidence to play nazi zombies online 

         somethings i dont like about being home:
                   1. i have to leave in like two seconds and go back to utah
                   2. it seems i have been replaced by a certain elder, who will remain nameless, (horlacher) and
                       now i have to fight to get my place back in my own family hhaha
                   3. i had my first nightmare since like i was 8 here. guess what it was about jessica..... satan.
                       hahah no but seriously. it was frightening.
                   4. i dont get to see all my roomies and FHE bros and everyone for two whole weeks! =[

          but no seriously, being home for christmas is the best. love it love it. OH! and on top of it all its snowing! thats right. it snowed on christmas and its glorious and white and christmasy.  all you losers people down in tejas are jealouse. (pronounced jeal-louse).  hope you all have a very merry christmas! peace and blessings, peace and blessings. =]

Friday, December 17, 2010

soulmate for life

two words. Julian Smith.  seriously, the love of my life. will easily love him for the rest of the eternities. now, mom, before you start freaking out, i have never met julian smith (sadly) and probably never will (heartbreaking).  i have only ever seen him via the interweb, aka he makes youtube videos.  these are seriously the best videos that you will ever watch, and will bolster your soul with joy and happiness.  you have not laughed until you have laughed at julian smiths videos. soooo i have decided to share some of my favorites here. please enjoy and fall in love as i have. =]

one of my faves because its so creepy. new discovery since being here: i love really creepy songs...who knew?

an everyday occurrence for me since i apparently speak wrong all the time

mom, all you should think about during this video is LOST, annnd you should know why...=]

me. i drink it both ways (well not drink in the literal sense of the of the word cuz thats against the WOW, but in the genetic sense of the word)

now i know what you are thinking, "wow, four videos? that's a little excessive for one post." FALSE. (black bears) i am toning down my love for him by only posting 4 of his videos, i should be posting them all, thats how great my love is for him. anyways hope you loved it, cuz i sure do =]

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

finals week: week of sweatpants, cherry dr. pepper, and no make-up

   it has only been two days into finals week and already it is killing me.  why is it that this is the week that takes the longest ever?! how is it only tuesday?  oh well, only 4 more days.  But no seriously this week has already been kickin my butt.
   today i got up at 9, which just in case you are wondering is like a million years earlier than i usually do, oh and it doesn't help that i was at the library till 12:30 the night before, which means i didnt go to sleep till like 3. so after waking up at the break of dawn, i did a little last minute book of mormon studying, walked to the wilk, and promptly failed my book of mormon final.  i wont get into all the gory deets here, just know that my teacher is a psycho path that has no idea what she is doing and should never be allowed to stand at the head of a class again...but dont worry, im not bitter.  and then i got to spend 5 hours at the library studying it up like a champ. and needless to say, i am exhausted.  Studying has drained my soul.
   however, there are some perks to finals week though... monday night, walking home from the library, malaysia and me became besties with 5 deer, that came bounding towards in the dead of night.  it was very adventurous.  annnnd then theres the delightful fact that there is an insane amount of goodies and treats all over our kitchen from everybody doing last minute visiting/home teaching and making up for the lame lessons with delectable delicacies. so yeah thats always a plus.... ummm i cant really think of anymore perks...hmmmm thats a shame...
    oh! i thought of one! since its finals week that means that im almost home! that is pretty much the best thing about finals week! haha loveeee it!

Monday, December 13, 2010

first post eva...

    here i am, at one in the morning, the day before (or i guess, of ) my first finals, unable to sleep.  i really should be like cramming facts about the american founding, or pouring over my book of mormon, but i guess instead ive decided to get on here and blog my first post, looking back over my first semester at byu.
    it's hard to believe that i have already been here at byu for a whole semester.  it seems like just yesterday that i was freaking out about coming out here, wanting to puke my guts out in anticipation/nervousness/anxiety/excitement/longing.  but no here i am a mere week away from getting on the train (hogwarts express) and going home for christmas. cool fact, im going to get home on dec. 19th, exactly 4 months to the day of when i left home for here. to say that i cant wait and am super excited is an understatement.
     despite really wanting to go home super badly, ive really had a great first semester here at byu.  i went to my first ever football game, and learned that there was a lamee cougar fight song thingy that they play after like every touchdown.  i rode the bus for the first time. i got to go to temple square for the first time and see the salt lake temple and the conference center and all that cool stuff.  i get to wake up in the morning, walk into the kitchen, look outside, and BOOM! mountains!  i have come to the conclusion that utah drivers are all crazy and would all be screwed and out of money if they ever got light cameras here. i met a ton of new people that i had no idea existed at the beginning of this year, who i have come to love with all my heart.  i have found a deep appreciation for sunny d, and also for any type of caffeinated soda (unavailable anywhere on campus) .  if you can cut off the end of a word, do it ( preshh, delishh, totes, btdubs(short for btw, which is short for bytheway)).  in-n-out burger is hands down the best creation on earth.  the creamery does sell pregnancy tests (dont worry, it was for hailey...hahah jk ).  and if you stare at them long enough with both your eyes close, just about any boy can look like jake gyllenhaal.
      so yeah i'd say over all it was a pretty good semester.  however like i said i cannot wait to get home.  the things i am looking forward to most:
1. sleeping in my pitch black room in the basement without a window right next to my head.
2. playing video games with harrison and abby and dad: need for speed, super smash bros, nazi zombies
3. spending christmas with my family
4. getting to see everybody from church
5. getting to see everybody from handyman
6. baking bake goods in my kitchen with all my besties
7. going to nauvoo with the fam
8. seeing my baby, gid
9. eating good food
10. being out of utah

     yup. that about sums it up. but yeah it is now currently 2:30, and no it did not take me an hour and a half to write this post, emilee came and showed me some youtube videos (another wonder of college), but yeah i think im going to try and go to sleep now...wish me luck.  =]