Saturday, December 25, 2010

i love me some christmas continued....

      so i decided since i havent blogged on here for a while and i know of at least one person who apparently cant live life without being able to cyber stalk me (haileyyyyyyyyyy), that i'll post another christmas post stating what i got for christmas and what i would like for my BDAY, JAN. 4TH. so without further ado my lists:

Christmas Morning Gift List:

1. a BYU hoodie.

i havent gotten around to buying my own BYU attire yet, lame i know

2. a walgreens giftcard.
  this is very important because walgreens is glorious and holds the essentials to a happy soul.

3. target giftcards.
like walgreens, target also has that unique ability to take all of a persons worries and throw them out the door and replace them with fab and ah-mazing merchandise.

4. knight and day.
now i know what you are thinking, 'wow what a lame corny movie.' um yeah, that exactly why i LOVE LOVE LOVE it. seriously this movie is divine. =]

5. simon dewy calendar. 
i have been getting this calendar every year for like a thousand years and i love it. if you want quality and master artsmanship and painfully beautifulness, you will look him up and then buy him.  no one can paint Christ like him.

6. tokyo police club: champ. 
this is their second cd that apparently came out earlier this year that i had no clue about until like two seconds ago and was too poor to buy it.  love it, love them.

7. the black keys: brothers.
honestly, these guys may or may not be my fave band of all time at the moment, more emphasis on the may ( as in most def).

8. ocean's eleven, ocean's twelve, ocean's thirteen, and the original ocean's 11. 
i really have jessica to thank for this, if she hadnt gotten me oceans eleven, this would not have ever crossed anyones mind as a gift. and of course my momma, who actually bought it

9. community season one.
love. that is the only word to describe this.

   i'd say all in all it was a fab, wunderbar (german for wonderful, for all you ungerman people), spectacular christmas =] thank you everyone, mostly my mother and father, for all the gifts =] love you muchos.

nowwwww, for my NINETEENTH BDAY list:

1. money. hahah i can dream right? =]
2. ok really this list is kinda super hard to think of cuz i put all my effort and heart and soul into my christmas list and then forget about this one and now i dont know what to put.... so you know what... you dont have to really get me anything for my bday, just remember it. ha thats really all i ask for. hahaha

merry christmas once again. =]

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