Friday, December 17, 2010

soulmate for life

two words. Julian Smith.  seriously, the love of my life. will easily love him for the rest of the eternities. now, mom, before you start freaking out, i have never met julian smith (sadly) and probably never will (heartbreaking).  i have only ever seen him via the interweb, aka he makes youtube videos.  these are seriously the best videos that you will ever watch, and will bolster your soul with joy and happiness.  you have not laughed until you have laughed at julian smiths videos. soooo i have decided to share some of my favorites here. please enjoy and fall in love as i have. =]

one of my faves because its so creepy. new discovery since being here: i love really creepy songs...who knew?

an everyday occurrence for me since i apparently speak wrong all the time

mom, all you should think about during this video is LOST, annnd you should know why...=]

me. i drink it both ways (well not drink in the literal sense of the of the word cuz thats against the WOW, but in the genetic sense of the word)

now i know what you are thinking, "wow, four videos? that's a little excessive for one post." FALSE. (black bears) i am toning down my love for him by only posting 4 of his videos, i should be posting them all, thats how great my love is for him. anyways hope you loved it, cuz i sure do =]

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