Saturday, December 25, 2010

i love me some christmas

      i pretty much love christmas.  christmas really is the best time of the year. not only does christmas mean presents and happiness and good food and celebrating the birth of Jesus, but it also means that i get to leave utah and do all this at home with my family and friends. it also means that it is almost my BIRTHDAY. thats right people. i am about to turn NINETEEN years old and my birthday is coming up in a few days.  now i know all of you are going to forget this in about two seconds in the mist of enjoying your christmas presents and celebrating new years, but i figure if i bring it up as much as possible maybe one of you will remember...hahaha anyways enough about my NINETEENTH BIRTHDAY coming up on JANUARY FOURTH, THE FOURTH OF JANUARY, FOUR DAYS AFTER NEW YEARS DAY, JANUARY FOURTH, and more about christmas.
       this christmas has been especially wonderful (i really wanted to say delicious, but that woulda been creepy).  like stated earlier i got to leave the mountainous, mormon (and according to some people, makebelieve) land of utah and travel via train (hogwarts express) to the magical wondrous world of good ol' MO.  honestly ive never been more happy to be home in my life.  i got off the train and was like hoping to be able to walk out all triumphant and all rockstar "YEAH!" like with both my fists pumped into the air, and then be surrounded by all my adoring fans family and friends, but in reality i still had 3 more hours in a car with my aunt and cousins until i'd make its out of stinkin IOWA and be really home.  so i just kinda decided to save my grand entrance for when i actually got home.  three hours later,  we pull up to my aunt and uncles house, and here i am again imagining my spectacular entrance with my family who loves me soooo much, annnnnnd they arent there. so you know i kinda just hang out at my cousins house for a little bit just you know just chillin, wonderin if my family is actually going to show up, or if you know they just decided to just forget about me and i was all like "whatevs"  annnnnd then FINALLY they pull into the driveway and by then my whole rockstar entrance is pointless and ruined and im just ready to go home and eat some homemade pizza and crash, but it was still wonderful seeing them and realizing that they do love me and hadnt decided to just leave me there for all of eternity. 
     but yeah so it was all huggy hug and joy and happiness and we traveled home and it was great and im so happy to finally be home.  seriously, i LOVE this place.  heres just a few things that i love about being home:

                   1. being with my family
                   2. driving my car, seriously, im pretty sure my car is the love of my life. for serious.
                   3. my baby gid, who made me feel like a rockstar when i walked in the door and actually did
                       realize that i was missing all these months
                   4. sleeping in my freeeeezing pitch black room
                   5. seeing all my frannnns
                   6. going back to handyman and seeing my cashiers and salesmen and warehouse guys =]
                   7. drivin around in my car jammin out to my mad beats with besties
                   8. spending christmas eve running errands and making bread and eating delectables and playing
                       risk and going caroling
                   9. waking up christmas morning with my family and finally not being the one who runs out of
                       presents before everybody else, but actually having the most =] now all i have to do is get
                       them to let me open them oldest to youngest hahaha
                  10. building up the confidence to play nazi zombies online 

         somethings i dont like about being home:
                   1. i have to leave in like two seconds and go back to utah
                   2. it seems i have been replaced by a certain elder, who will remain nameless, (horlacher) and
                       now i have to fight to get my place back in my own family hhaha
                   3. i had my first nightmare since like i was 8 here. guess what it was about jessica..... satan.
                       hahah no but seriously. it was frightening.
                   4. i dont get to see all my roomies and FHE bros and everyone for two whole weeks! =[

          but no seriously, being home for christmas is the best. love it love it. OH! and on top of it all its snowing! thats right. it snowed on christmas and its glorious and white and christmasy.  all you losers people down in tejas are jealouse. (pronounced jeal-louse).  hope you all have a very merry christmas! peace and blessings, peace and blessings. =]

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