Monday, June 20, 2011

movie monday part 2!

     its been a while since ive done a movie monday and i definitely have some vids for all of you to watch. hope you enjoy them as much as i do =]

first off, the first one that should be on here is the video of my first ever karaoke, but for some reason it is not up on youtube so i have no idea how to get it on here...stay tuned though. its coming. =]

ok so number uno. i think this vid is pretty creative and snazzy. you will too im sure. reminds me of good ol' Ok Go, and who doesnt love Ok Go???(dont answer that, if you dont love them you shouldnt be reading my blog...haha jk, but no really, you should love them)

this next one is AH-mazing.

test your awareness =]

just dance 2 is a game for the wii where you just have the controller in your hand and then do that dances, but for those of us who arent fortunate enough to have a wii, theres youtube videos... this is my favorite song/dance on the game. spread out, make a little room, and dance along =]

these two kids are the cutest thing ever, hands down. plus this girl has style, check out the shirt shes rockin =]

i dont watch parks and recreation but this little snappette (i have no idea what that means) of a video has almost convinced me to look into it. super funny. i am most deff going to start incorporating these names into my daily life...

this is the show that i can watch for hours on end endlessly and that i love with all my heart

i lied. this is my all time favorite show forever and ever, that i love from the very bottom of my heart. hope you enjoy it as well =]

Saturday, June 11, 2011

ukuleles have my heart

     hands down i love me some ukes. i know a lot of girls go for the guitar, and trust me i love those too, but the ukulele is just the best ever.  seriously, they just make every song happier. if you are ever in a bad mood or feeling a little down, a little blue hearted,  just listen to someone playing the uke and you will automatically become the happiest person in the world, i guarantee it. (unless you're like this strange mutate weirdo...not to say that if you dont like the uke that that makes you a weirdo...nevermind...) anyways yeah. here are some of my favorite uke songs for you to enjoy =] :

trouble by nevershoutnever

im in love by stephen jerzak

happy by nevershoutnever

cute by stephen jerzak

Friday, June 10, 2011

i hope they call me on a mission...

     so its that time of life...when all my friends have grown a foot or two and are now venturing out into the next part of their lives...their missions.   yup pretty much every single boy that i met this past year at byu is currently either preparing his papers, submitting his papers, receiving his call, going to the temple for the first time, in the mtc, or out on their mish.  and basically i wont see any of them again for two years. which is really crazy to think about.  but yeah anyways, so i thought that i would, each time one of my friends leaves for two years to serve the lord that im gonna blog about them on here. one to show all my friends and family all the cool guys i know, and two to brag about the sheer number of missionaries that i'll be writing for the next two years. hahaha anyways so the first new elder that i am going to blog about is my good friend Daniel Wood.

     elder wood will be serving in the indianapolis, indiana mission for the next two years and left for the mtc this past wednesday.  my apartment first met daniel on our very first sunday there in provo walking to church. and let me tell you it was awkward.  our ra had come around and told everybody that the snow hall boys in our ward wanted to walk us up to church and to all meet in the lobby before leaving.  almost immediately the whole situation brought back those horrible moments at efy that each girl experiences when they have to be escorted to all the different places and you know that no one is going to choose you and it just really awkward cuz everybody else knows it too. (unless of course you are drop dead gorgeous and you have all the guys barreling over each other trying to get to you)  but yeah so we started walking up to church (without escorts, thank goodness, everybody just kinda walked in a blob) and daniel hears us talking about how we should of  drove to church and he starts talking to us and sits with us in sacrament meeting and that is my first memory of daniel ted wood and how our glorious friendship began. (i later found out that he decided to talk to us because he realized that malaysia looked black and he just wanted a black friend hahaha)
     so yeah daniel was pretty much the first friend we made as an apartment and was a great friend throughout the whole year.  he was always over hanging out and was there for a lot of the fun time we had. our nerf gun war, turning his apartment's pee blue, blanket fort movie night, ice blocking ,walmart trips.  haha oh, and i cant forget his song! at the beginning of the year we tried to pick out sings that fit everybody perfectly and his was break your heart by taio cruz cuz all he ever hung out with was girls. hahaha  im super excited for him to be on his mission though and i know he's gonna be a great missionary.  i also cant wait to write and tell him that i finally blogged about him since he's been asking me to do that forever. haha and um yeah...there was a lot more that i was going to say when i was thinking about post at like 3 in the morning last night but i kinda cant remember any of it...hahah hopefully these will all get better as more of my friends leave on their missions =] peace and blessings, peace and blessings.

Monday, June 6, 2011

best website ever.

     i recently stumbled upon the best website ever. and when i say stumbled upon i mean stumbleupon, the website (no, this is not the best website ever but i feel like it deserves some recognition since it led me to the best website ever and since i tend to spend hours on end on it every night stumbling onto the hidden gems of the world wide interweb) anywayyyyyss, so yeah i was stumbling the other night and i happened across this website which completely changed my life (might be a little bit of an exaggeration, but not really). and here it is, i know y'all are dying by now to know what this life changing best website ever is:

Bookshelf Porn:

     yes, it is exactly what it sounds like. well...hopefully...anyways pretty much its just pictures of bookshelves. and let me tell you. i could sit there and stare at them all day. hahaha i know that sounds super weird but it is pretty much basically my life goal to have my future home pretty much be a library, so im a little addicted to this website.  i love books with a fiery deep burning unquenchable passion... yeah, that much. haha  my one dream as a child/teenager/right now (other than successfully converting my future home into a libraryhaven) is to write my own books.  wouldnt that be glorious?? to have my own books that ive written with my own raw bear hands (the ones i keep in my closet jk jk i dont have bear hands in my closet, that'd be supacreepy) in my own library in my own home. man, wouldnt that be like the best thing ever?? can you picture it?? i sure can. =]
     so yeah, so now that you know my two life goals ive also decided to share a few of my favorite bookshelves, some of which i fully intend on using in my own future home. i hope you enjoy them as much as i do, you probably wont, but just pretend that you do =]: