Friday, July 8, 2011

day 8 part 2

     i didnt realize that i had so many wonderfully amazing hp pics to share with you guys, so i decided to add a part two! enjoy!

i love this. because its so true. i've always felt like my generation missed out cuz we didnt have anyone like the beatles, or elvis, or michael jackson. but honestly, who needs all those guys?? not me. ive got harry potter. =]

i pretty much know what every single one of these spells do...nerd much??

im not gonna lie, this kinda broke my heart.

these pictures would be perfect if nasty daniel radcliff could be erased from them. buttt, look how supafinee rupert is lookin in them  =]

i am some how going to get my hands on these...

its rare that silly online pics make me lol, but this one had me goin for some reason. hahaha

dumbledores army.

four words that instantly come to mind??
oliver wood, ronald weasley.
both of whom are most definitely keepers =]

the anthem to our lives.

i will someday be the proud owner of this vehicle.

pretty much says it all.

like the quote above says, jo pretty much gave me my childhood, to which i am eternally grateful.

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