Friday, July 1, 2011

it all ends. 7/15/11

     the last harry potter movie comes out in less than 15 days. now you may be asking yourself no big deal, what so important about that??  my friend, this is easily the most important thing of the whole year of 2011. 
     harry potter is pretty much my childhood.  i got my first harry potter book, a paperback of harry potter and the sorcerer's stone, when i was 8 as a gift for my baptism.  since then i have acquired/devoured every single book as they have come out and read each and every one of them thousands of times.  you know how people go to midnight showings of movies?? i would go to barnes and noble the night before a new book would come out and buy it at the stroke of midnight.  i would read the book in a day and then wait a year/years for the next one to come out. i cried my eyes out when sirius and dumbledore died. i would totally be sorted into ravenclaw house, i am a total sucker for everything weasley, and hate umbridge with every fiber of my being.
     since the books finished up a couple years ago, the movies are all we, the harry potter children, have left.  we have all spent the last 10 to 13 years living loving and breathing everything harry potter, and in 15 days it all comes to an end.  basically, my childhood officially ends in 15 days.  so ive decided to post at least one harry potter related thing here on my blog counting down the days to july 15th. and ive decided to start with the newest trailer for the last movie, which pretty much sums up the whole harry potter experience.  i get chills every time i watch it and love it with all my heart.

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