Monday, June 20, 2011

movie monday part 2!

     its been a while since ive done a movie monday and i definitely have some vids for all of you to watch. hope you enjoy them as much as i do =]

first off, the first one that should be on here is the video of my first ever karaoke, but for some reason it is not up on youtube so i have no idea how to get it on here...stay tuned though. its coming. =]

ok so number uno. i think this vid is pretty creative and snazzy. you will too im sure. reminds me of good ol' Ok Go, and who doesnt love Ok Go???(dont answer that, if you dont love them you shouldnt be reading my blog...haha jk, but no really, you should love them)

this next one is AH-mazing.

test your awareness =]

just dance 2 is a game for the wii where you just have the controller in your hand and then do that dances, but for those of us who arent fortunate enough to have a wii, theres youtube videos... this is my favorite song/dance on the game. spread out, make a little room, and dance along =]

these two kids are the cutest thing ever, hands down. plus this girl has style, check out the shirt shes rockin =]

i dont watch parks and recreation but this little snappette (i have no idea what that means) of a video has almost convinced me to look into it. super funny. i am most deff going to start incorporating these names into my daily life...

this is the show that i can watch for hours on end endlessly and that i love with all my heart

i lied. this is my all time favorite show forever and ever, that i love from the very bottom of my heart. hope you enjoy it as well =]

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  1. Just saying, I love how shes the one that grabs his face. Oh so adorbs!