Saturday, June 11, 2011

ukuleles have my heart

     hands down i love me some ukes. i know a lot of girls go for the guitar, and trust me i love those too, but the ukulele is just the best ever.  seriously, they just make every song happier. if you are ever in a bad mood or feeling a little down, a little blue hearted,  just listen to someone playing the uke and you will automatically become the happiest person in the world, i guarantee it. (unless you're like this strange mutate weirdo...not to say that if you dont like the uke that that makes you a weirdo...nevermind...) anyways yeah. here are some of my favorite uke songs for you to enjoy =] :

trouble by nevershoutnever

im in love by stephen jerzak

happy by nevershoutnever

cute by stephen jerzak

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