Friday, July 8, 2011

day 8: im becoming a little obsessed...

     i am most deff becoming just slightly even more super obsessed with harry potter since starting this countdown. which is perfectly fine with me =] hahah  but yeah this whole countdown thing has been lots of fun but i will most deff will not miss it when this is all over. its been fun and all, but is kinda a little stressful figuring out what to do everyday, butttt i am especially looking forward to today =] hahah i just spent like 300 years searching the world wide web for super cool harry potter pics and stuff, and let me tell you my friends, i found some gems. some really really good ones =] and we're off! :

i kinda really love this picture, but seriously some of ronalds pics are kinda a little super glad he grew into the hottayyy we always knew that he was destined to be  =]

this is the birthday cake that i want for my 20th birthday. jessica and my other future roommates, make it happen.

i need to find this place stat.

pure perfection.

is this not the cutest thing you have ever seen?

i totally agree with this. i remember when i saw the fourth movie for the first time i was totally all like 'WHY THE HAY IS DUMBLEDORE ACTING LIKE NOT DUMBLEDORE aka AN IDIOT?!?'

i totes wouldve been hangin with loony luna in ravenclaw if my parents hadn't stolen all my hogwarts acceptance letters...

this is kinda the best idea ever. my children will be receiving this on their 11th birthdays.

ride in style.

oh fred and george, how i love you.

i couldnt resist.

dumbledore always has the best quotes

no collection of awesome harry potter pics is complete without a picture of the very best character ever. (aka the hottest actor of the films =] )

two of my favorite things woven together into beautiful perfection.

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