Saturday, July 9, 2011

day 9

     i know that i have posted this before, but i feel as though if someone asked me why i miss byu so much all i would have to do is show them this video.  me and jessica actually walked by some of the filming for this, the part where the girl in the black robes is cursing people just randomly on campus.  it was pretty awkward to walk by, she was yelling crucio all over the place, but i do thoroughly love this video, and i love byu, so its the perfect combination. =]

called to serve...

     so i'm a little bit behind on this but better late than never right?  just to remind everybody, when one of my friends leave for their mission i have decided that i am going to blog about them here. =]  annnd the next lucky guy is Carter Johnson!

     elder johnson actually left for his mission a couple of weeks ago and he is serving in the Novosibirsk, Russia mission! he is going to spend 12 weeks at the MTC, missionary training center, preparing for his mission, but mostly learning to speak russian.  which is all super exciting!!
     i met carter that same first sunday as daniel when his and daniel's roommate brayden asked our apartment over to have dinner.  they made hamburger helper. haha it was fun/kinda awkward as you can probably imagine. haah but the very first thing that i can remember carter saying is that he was going to be on his mission when the 2nd part of the last harry potter movie came out. that broke my heart, and i knew right then and there we would be the best of buds.
     i was wrong. hahah for the most part of 1st semester carter didnt talk to anyone from our apartment at all, even though we talked to pretty much everybody else in his apartment all the time. we totally thought he was a jerk who thought he was too cool for us. hahah we dubbed his song as "cooler than me" you know that one song by that one guy. hahah but no then we all ended up getting to know him pretty well, and all became pretty good friends with him and came to love carter johnson, who it turned out is a pretty chill, funny, super good looking guy. hahaah (you know the aviator sunglasses? those are now officially carter shades, cuz no one looks as good in them as he does hahah)  i am so excited for him to be on his mission and i know that he is going to an awesome missionary! =]

Friday, July 8, 2011

day 8 part 2

     i didnt realize that i had so many wonderfully amazing hp pics to share with you guys, so i decided to add a part two! enjoy!

i love this. because its so true. i've always felt like my generation missed out cuz we didnt have anyone like the beatles, or elvis, or michael jackson. but honestly, who needs all those guys?? not me. ive got harry potter. =]

i pretty much know what every single one of these spells do...nerd much??

im not gonna lie, this kinda broke my heart.

these pictures would be perfect if nasty daniel radcliff could be erased from them. buttt, look how supafinee rupert is lookin in them  =]

i am some how going to get my hands on these...

its rare that silly online pics make me lol, but this one had me goin for some reason. hahaha

dumbledores army.

four words that instantly come to mind??
oliver wood, ronald weasley.
both of whom are most definitely keepers =]

the anthem to our lives.

i will someday be the proud owner of this vehicle.

pretty much says it all.

like the quote above says, jo pretty much gave me my childhood, to which i am eternally grateful.

day 8: im becoming a little obsessed...

     i am most deff becoming just slightly even more super obsessed with harry potter since starting this countdown. which is perfectly fine with me =] hahah  but yeah this whole countdown thing has been lots of fun but i will most deff will not miss it when this is all over. its been fun and all, but is kinda a little stressful figuring out what to do everyday, butttt i am especially looking forward to today =] hahah i just spent like 300 years searching the world wide web for super cool harry potter pics and stuff, and let me tell you my friends, i found some gems. some really really good ones =] and we're off! :

i kinda really love this picture, but seriously some of ronalds pics are kinda a little super glad he grew into the hottayyy we always knew that he was destined to be  =]

this is the birthday cake that i want for my 20th birthday. jessica and my other future roommates, make it happen.

i need to find this place stat.

pure perfection.

is this not the cutest thing you have ever seen?

i totally agree with this. i remember when i saw the fourth movie for the first time i was totally all like 'WHY THE HAY IS DUMBLEDORE ACTING LIKE NOT DUMBLEDORE aka AN IDIOT?!?'

i totes wouldve been hangin with loony luna in ravenclaw if my parents hadn't stolen all my hogwarts acceptance letters...

this is kinda the best idea ever. my children will be receiving this on their 11th birthdays.

ride in style.

oh fred and george, how i love you.

i couldnt resist.

dumbledore always has the best quotes

no collection of awesome harry potter pics is complete without a picture of the very best character ever. (aka the hottest actor of the films =] )

two of my favorite things woven together into beautiful perfection.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

day 7: "hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home."

     the last harry potter movie premiere was today in london. check it out! oh and make sure you take note of matt lewis and what a total hottie neville longbottom has turned out to be! =]

     also heres video of dans, emmas, ruperts, and jo's speeches given the premiere. im not gonna lie i got a little teary eyed... enjoy! =]

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


     in case you didnt know, im kinda in love with music. i cant explain why but its just simply one of the greatest things when you find a new song/new band/rediscover an old favorite that you totes love and could jam to forever.  i can honestly say that i have invested way too much money into my music collection (i dont download songs illegally, the artists/bands that i love deserve much better than that) but what can i say im obsessed. =]
     with that being said, i love love love LOVE driving in my car, windows down, music jammin, singin with my besties at the top of our lungs.  if you have never experienced this you are a stupidface. (haha jk, but you should seriously try it) theres just one problem that comes with this wonderful glorious experience.
     that problem comes in the form of when you pull up to a red light, music blarin, and the people next yo you have their windows down too and are now sitting there hating you for playing your music like you are trying to wake the dead. the nice reasonable thing to do would be to turn down your music right??  but i mean usually its just gotten to my fave part where me and my bestie start adding the dance moves, and i dont really feel like turning it down, so i try to ignore those people, but then i start feeling bad and always end up turning down my music....
     however, the other night i realized that i shouldnt let those people next to me make me feel bad.  i shouldnt feel guilty about making them listen to my fave jams.  really, they should be thanking me.  thanking me for introducing them to the best music they've ever heard in their lives.  they may not know it, but its most deff the truth.  so next time you're driving and some kids pull up with the music goin, dont be annoyed, embrace it. =]

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

day 5: 10 things you need to know about "harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2"

     this article is most deff worth reading and pretty good.(careful! there are a lot of spoilers in it!)  i am getting so excited for this movie! only 10 more days! =]

totally looks like

     i found this website,, back in utah with jessica one night second semester and spent an obscene amount of time on it laughing our heads off. if i remember correctly, malaysia, who was hangin out in the apartment above us, texted me to tell me that they could hear us laughing. haahah but yeah anyways, i thought that i'd share some of my faves from off the website with y'all. enjoy! =]

this is the one that started it all. we saw it on this guy that we were stalking on facebooks profile and then of course we had to go check out the website!

im still completely convinced that jessica needs to find this man in real life and marry him

im pretty sure that this is the one that made malaysia text me cuz we were laughing to loud/hard/crazy haha

i still kinda think that this one is just robert pattinson in a wig... thats totally something he would do...

gotta love pokemon! =]

and this one is hands down my all time fave! hahaahahaha

Monday, July 4, 2011

harry potter day 4

     it wouldnt be a harry potter countdown if i neglected to include this little gem. =]

     shout out to jessica ellsworth and todd bean, who will forever be the harry and hermiones of my life. oh and an apology to jessica for always getting stuck being the unattractive male of the group. =]

Sunday, July 3, 2011

day 3: harry potter world cup

        mtv is hosting a harry potter world cup to determine which harry potter character is the best ever! im really sad i didnt know about this earlier, but now you can be sure that im most deff voting for my faves right this very second!  i think they're in the sweet sixteen round, and i cant believe some of the people they have paired up against each other... ron v. fred???? how are we supposed to decide that??! haha anyways i hope you'll check it out and vote for your favorite characters too! =]

Saturday, July 2, 2011

day two of the countdown

     this hoodie is totes one of my motivators/rewards for losing weight.  i so want to be rockin this hoodie skinny. what better motivation than harry potter right? =]

here's a better pic of the design

     oh and does anyone else feel like the chick modeling this is kinda creepy looking??

the fact that i have no idea what i am going to do with my life seems to hit me in waves, sometimes im able to forget about it, other times its front and center, suffocating me.

     my whole life has been geared towards getting into college and going to college so that i can have a good solid stable happy life. and now here i am, in college, having accomplished pretty much the goal of my whole life, and i have no idea what i am doing there. i love it to death, but i have no idea what to major in, or what even sounds interesting in majoring in...does that mean that i am going to fail in having the solid happy life that college is supposed to bring?  sometimes it feels like going to college taking classes that dont go towards any certain major/move me forward in life, so in my mind essentially a waste of time. not to mention the thousands of dollars of debt im wracking up from all the financial aid im getting to take these classes. how am i going to pay all that off if i dont figure out what im doing?? how am i ever going to be happy in life if i dont figure this out??
     idunno... its just that i guess ive had this goal my whole life, a set direction to walk in, and now it feels like i have nothing. it feels like the road of my life has just fallen out from beneath me and now im just free falling. some people would find that exciting i guess, but not me...honestly i just find it terrifying. and the worst part is that its not like there arent a bunch of different things that i could do, there are. theres lots of things that i could do, plenty of majors i could major in and potentially be good at. i just dont know which one i want to do, which one will make me happy... what am i going to do? whatamigoingtodowhatamigoingtodowhatamigoingtodowhatamigoingtodowhatamigoingtodo...

Friday, July 1, 2011

it all ends. 7/15/11

     the last harry potter movie comes out in less than 15 days. now you may be asking yourself no big deal, what so important about that??  my friend, this is easily the most important thing of the whole year of 2011. 
     harry potter is pretty much my childhood.  i got my first harry potter book, a paperback of harry potter and the sorcerer's stone, when i was 8 as a gift for my baptism.  since then i have acquired/devoured every single book as they have come out and read each and every one of them thousands of times.  you know how people go to midnight showings of movies?? i would go to barnes and noble the night before a new book would come out and buy it at the stroke of midnight.  i would read the book in a day and then wait a year/years for the next one to come out. i cried my eyes out when sirius and dumbledore died. i would totally be sorted into ravenclaw house, i am a total sucker for everything weasley, and hate umbridge with every fiber of my being.
     since the books finished up a couple years ago, the movies are all we, the harry potter children, have left.  we have all spent the last 10 to 13 years living loving and breathing everything harry potter, and in 15 days it all comes to an end.  basically, my childhood officially ends in 15 days.  so ive decided to post at least one harry potter related thing here on my blog counting down the days to july 15th. and ive decided to start with the newest trailer for the last movie, which pretty much sums up the whole harry potter experience.  i get chills every time i watch it and love it with all my heart.