Monday, April 18, 2011

oh and p.s.

4 days.

movie monday!!! =D

     so it is the last monday here in provo during my freshmen year of college, and i am studying my brains out for stupid finals.  however, i decided to take a break from studying and watch some of my fave youtube videos. and while i was doing this i thought why not share my fave videos with all of you?? im sure you all have moments in your life when you want nothing more than to put off all the things you should be doing and just watch some mindlessly funny videos. i realize i put a lot of videos up here all the time but these are some of my faves so its ok =]  so here they are: 10 of my favorite youtube videos.

julian smith's latest video, which i actually got to watch them film live on youtube. who knew you could do live things on youtube?? its was great.

this michael jackson medley is the best!!

this guy does such a good job at "singing" this song in asl! i lvoe it =]

i love olan rogers. he is pretty much the best ever.

one of the funniest videos ive seen all year.

matthew mcconaugheee and jake gyllenhaal

my favorite music video/song at the moment.

love me some ballonshop. =]

one of the funniest prank calls ever

     well there you have it. some of my favorite youtube videos. hope you enjoyed them =]

Thursday, April 14, 2011


     this pretty much sums up summer. cant wait  =]

   oh and also i love him, just so you know.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

one more day

     only one more day until the very last day of classes for my freshman year!  i can hardly believe it, im practically done with my freshman year of college.  its so exciting! and i am going home soon. im gonna be home next weekend! still...there are a lot of things that im going to miss about this past year.

1. my roommates who i have come to love with all my heart; jessica, hailey, malaysia, emilee and ashley. i will miss them so much
2. our quote wall. there's some really good stuff on there =]
3. pretty much every single boy in our ward seeing as they are practically all going on missions and we are never going to see them again ever in our lives
4. late night you tube video watching
5. ice cream runs to the creamery
6. werewolves...hahah
7. taking naps in the planetarium during my astronomy class
8. midnight roommate walmart runs
9. all nighters that end in early morning french toast made by the best french toast maker in the whole world...hermione granger.
10. my job at the creamery...haha jk no way on earth would i ever miss that nasty grease filled nastiness haha

     but yeah theres a lot im gonna miss about this first year of college, but i am so excited for summer and next year! =]

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Friday, April 8, 2011

story of my life. hands down.

     and also just another reason why i love byu. watch and love with your whole existence. =]


beards v. staches

                                            beards: 16   staches: 17
     so this will probably be the last update before the final count at the very end of the year aka two more weeks!  but im not sure how hopeful i am anymore for the beards to take it.  they were doing so good! like a day or two after the last update i saw 3 beards! 3! and only 1 stache. it was great, but then yesterday coming back from my very last writing class ever i saw two staches. its was pretty depressing.  i was searching every single guy i saw after that for a beard, trying to get them back in the lead.  i felt like a total creep.  there was this one guy i was staring down hardcore cuz he kinda looked like he had a beard and i was trying to justify counting it, but he just had really long sideburns. its was kinda depressing. haha  and really this is the last week the beards will have chance since after that its finals week and everybody has to be clean shaven to take tests. =/  i hope they make it.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

summer summer summer summer

     i cannot wait for this summer. seriously, it is pretty much taking up all of my brain, i cant stop thinking about it.  and while i know that in just a few short months i will be pulling my hair out in a crazed fit of longing for BYU, that doesnt really matter at this point.  all that matter is that in exactly (almost) two weeks i will be boarding a plane headed back to good ol' MO and NO CO and Flo Town, and i cannot wait! here is a list of just a few of the things that are going to make this summer so totally awesome:

  • the onslaught of loving happiness that i will receive from my cutie baby gid (my puppy) the second i walk in the door, that will probably last a thousand years like last time (or at least im hoping =] )
  • having my own room that i dont have to share with anybody
  • having my own bathroom
  • being with my family (this really should've been first but i wanted mom to squirm a bit, thinking that i really cared about those others things more than i cared about being back with them =])
  • two words: SUMMER CAMP 2011! i cannot wait for this. you best all be prepared.
  • playing nazi zombies with harrison, and working up the confidence to play online again
  • extra large cookie dough blizzards to lock in our friendship forever with mandie mcmannnn
  • not having to pay for laundry
  • not having to make/ pay for my own food
  • grass. i cannot wait for all the green lush grass (not the grass in our yard of course, but you know, just in general)
  • alicia ehrmann, anna photena, jamie HAHNNNNN, rachel allen, kayle pierce, alex meyer
  • catching madison up on every movie that she has ever missed out on, which is pretty much every movie worth watching =]
  • driving my car! windows down, music up, singin at the top of our lungs. 
  • seeing kimberly roberts stephens face again. it has been too long, especially considering you are leaving me in just a few short months
  • the fireflies
  • late night trampoline convos
  • late night drives 
  • baking all kinds of baked goods in my kitchen
  • showing harrison and abby the wonderfulness that is psych
  • getting to hang out with elders all the time since you know my family is like bffs with them
  • three words mandie mcmann: walgreens fake fingernails. we are doing it.
  • family night at camp, getting to see all the younglings and gentlechildren sing and dance their little hearts out
  • chillin at annas house with everyone i love
  • seeing everyone from handyman that i love with all my heart
  • getting so tan i look black. this is what i am most excited for
  • grampy's farm. he's gonna be there right?? we're gonna go right???
  • old town doughnut runs in the middle of the night
  •  getting skinny. cant forget that one. its happening this summer. i guarantee it. haha
  • not being in school, not having homework, or projects and any other type of death inducing activities
  • Harry Potter 7 part 2
  • oh yeah and cant forget this one, mom would have a cow: having no life/getting absolutely no sleep cuz hopefully if im lucky i'll have 3 jobs over the summer. yay me! 
     so yeah, obviously this summer is going to be the greatest summer in the history of all mankind ever since the creation of summers.  are all these things going to actually happen?? heck yeah! am i being slightly too optimistic and unrealistic in answering that question?? you best believe it!  but its good to have goals and aspirations right?? and my goal is to have the very best summer of my entire life this summer! =]

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

classes in the fall

     well i signed up for classes the other night, and let me tell you, it felt like the class registration straight from you know where... first off, i got assigned the very last day of registration to sign up, which sucked. but i mean i cant really complain about it since they assigned the days due to the number of credits everyone got last semester, and lets just say that i didnt do too hot when it came to that so i got what i deserved. ha anyways so yeah ive been trying to plan out my semester next fall for like a thousand years it feels like, which is stupid cuz everybody registered before me and took everything.  but yeah anyways so its tuesday night and for some strange reason that is totally beyond me its like 9 10oclock and i want to go to bed. seriously?!? the absolute one night i HAVE to stay up till midnight to sign up for classes i WANT to go to bed early. idunno what the heck was wrong with me but it was torture staying up till 12, lamee i know.  but yeah so at 11 i figured i should start trying to get onto byu's website and prepare for the onslaught of trying to beat out all the other losers who got the last day to sign up as well, aka incoming freshmen...actually i think some of them even got to register before me...but yeah so after half an hour the byu page was about halfway loaded and i kinda started to freak out a little, but then jessica showed me the magic that is the refresh button and everything was all good and midnight rolled around and i fought off the other registerees (is that a word???) and was victorious in grabbing all the classes i wanted.
     what are those classes you ask?? i am going to tell you =] they are:
1. new testament
2. family history- geneology
3. intro to interiors
4. creative writing
5. principles of biology
6. mass communications and society

     the last one is one of the 3 classes you have to take before you can apply to be a journalism major, and since majority of the responses to my desperate plead about which major i should choose said journalism, i thought why not check into this thing called journalism??? so yeah im pretty excited about it =] i was gonna take an american sign language class, but all the jerks who are better at college than me stole all the classes that fit into my strict schedule before i could get to them. what is this strict schedule you ask?? i'll tell you, im pretty excited about it =] the earliest class i have starts at 12 noon and i am done for the day by 330 at the latest (except for wednesdays i have a 4-630 class then, but i dont like thinking about that) annnnd thats not even the best part, no classes on friday!! whooo yay! its gonna be great! i cant wait for next year!....scratch that...i cant wait for this summer, next year can wait for a long time, i just wanna go home! =]

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

hey there again

     so funny story about the post i just did right under this one.   it was like 2:30 in the morning last night and i was just laying in bed trying to go to sleep and i found myself thinking about this blog and what i would post if i were to write about forever 21.  and so im laying there thinking and i realize that what im thinking is pretty good stuff, i mean at least i thought so, you'll have to read the post below and judge for yourself i guess. anyways so im coming up with some pretty good stuff and i know that if i go to sleep without recording it it will be gone from my brain in the morning because that is pretty much the story of my life when it comes to these things.  so i then had two choices, drag myself out of bed and blog the post right then and there, or grab my notebook on my desk and try to scratch out readable handwriting in the dark of the night.  both were not very desirable seeing how i was on the brink of sleep and comfy and everything, but despite all that i managed to grab my notebook and pen.  anyways so after i write everything down and am laying back in bed i find myself thinking about the inconvenience of the situation i was just in and wishing, as i often have before millions of times, that there was a device that i could hook up to my brain right before going to bed and it would record all my thoughts.
     now i know you're thinking something like : wow, you're lame. everybody wants to be able to look back on their dreams.  but its not so much the dreams i want to look back on, dont get me wrong that'd be super great, i have some pretty awesome dreams, but more the thinking before i go to sleep.  i do my best thinking pertaining to the things i write right before i fall asleep, in the stage when you're asleep but you're also conscious of the fact that you arent asleep.  you know what im talking about right?? hopefully? im not a weirdo right?? haha anyways yeah ideally i would be able to channel that stream of unconscious thought into my brain while im conscious, but that seems like a lot of work, so i think some one should just invent a machine that i can plug my brain up to and BABOOM. done.
     so um yeah this post has kinda started to lean more towards rambling and i've kind of forgotten the part of the story that was funny like promised in the first sentence... oh well. now you know that if a mind recording device is ever invented i will be the first one to invest in one...well probably not the first cuz they'll probably cost like a $100000000000000000000000000000.00, but you know what i mean. haha

forever 21

     ok honestly i dont really shop at forever 21, the only time ive ever been there is with other people.  its a cool/nice enough store, but lets be honest here, im not between the sizes of -5 and 0 so theres not much that i can buy from there.  but anyways, i was there a couple of  weeks ago with jessica and ever since i have been dying to go back.  why do you ask?? why would i want to go back there when i know that i am a thousand sizes too big for all their clothing??  is it their large plethora of gaudy, over sized jewelry?? no.  is it the super cute guy who works as a cashier there?? no...well i mean it would be nice to see him and be able to look upon his supafineeness again, but no. nope it is neither of these things that is making me want to go back to forever 21, its the music they played there.
     seriously the music they played there was bomb.  i dont even remember what they played all i know is that i loved the heck out of it!  if i could i would've sat down in one of the many many sections there and just listened to it all day.  that is probably not socially acceptable though, so really ideally the best thing to do would be to get a job there.  and now you're thinking, this is a great idea sydney! you need a job for next year right?? and it'd be one that you love cuz you get to listen to great music all day! all your problems are solved! FALSE. black bears.
     i cannot get a job at forever 21 because i couldn't handle the amount of style that would be required of me to work there.  the last time i was there with jessica there was this girl wearing some kind of genie looking onesie and another wearing straight up leather skinny jeans.  i cant even see why these things would be considered remotely attractive, let alone stylish.  i am obviously not cut out for that kind of style conscious job.  nope, i guess really my only option at this point is to just go there every single day and pretend to be looking at all the see through, floral rompers and the old grandpa cardigans and listen and take note of all the music so i can buy it and stop having to go and waste my life away there. sounds like a good plan to me =]