Wednesday, April 6, 2011

classes in the fall

     well i signed up for classes the other night, and let me tell you, it felt like the class registration straight from you know where... first off, i got assigned the very last day of registration to sign up, which sucked. but i mean i cant really complain about it since they assigned the days due to the number of credits everyone got last semester, and lets just say that i didnt do too hot when it came to that so i got what i deserved. ha anyways so yeah ive been trying to plan out my semester next fall for like a thousand years it feels like, which is stupid cuz everybody registered before me and took everything.  but yeah anyways so its tuesday night and for some strange reason that is totally beyond me its like 9 10oclock and i want to go to bed. seriously?!? the absolute one night i HAVE to stay up till midnight to sign up for classes i WANT to go to bed early. idunno what the heck was wrong with me but it was torture staying up till 12, lamee i know.  but yeah so at 11 i figured i should start trying to get onto byu's website and prepare for the onslaught of trying to beat out all the other losers who got the last day to sign up as well, aka incoming freshmen...actually i think some of them even got to register before me...but yeah so after half an hour the byu page was about halfway loaded and i kinda started to freak out a little, but then jessica showed me the magic that is the refresh button and everything was all good and midnight rolled around and i fought off the other registerees (is that a word???) and was victorious in grabbing all the classes i wanted.
     what are those classes you ask?? i am going to tell you =] they are:
1. new testament
2. family history- geneology
3. intro to interiors
4. creative writing
5. principles of biology
6. mass communications and society

     the last one is one of the 3 classes you have to take before you can apply to be a journalism major, and since majority of the responses to my desperate plead about which major i should choose said journalism, i thought why not check into this thing called journalism??? so yeah im pretty excited about it =] i was gonna take an american sign language class, but all the jerks who are better at college than me stole all the classes that fit into my strict schedule before i could get to them. what is this strict schedule you ask?? i'll tell you, im pretty excited about it =] the earliest class i have starts at 12 noon and i am done for the day by 330 at the latest (except for wednesdays i have a 4-630 class then, but i dont like thinking about that) annnnd thats not even the best part, no classes on friday!! whooo yay! its gonna be great! i cant wait for next year!....scratch that...i cant wait for this summer, next year can wait for a long time, i just wanna go home! =]

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