Tuesday, April 5, 2011

forever 21

     ok honestly i dont really shop at forever 21, the only time ive ever been there is with other people.  its a cool/nice enough store, but lets be honest here, im not between the sizes of -5 and 0 so theres not much that i can buy from there.  but anyways, i was there a couple of  weeks ago with jessica and ever since i have been dying to go back.  why do you ask?? why would i want to go back there when i know that i am a thousand sizes too big for all their clothing??  is it their large plethora of gaudy, over sized jewelry?? no.  is it the super cute guy who works as a cashier there?? no...well i mean it would be nice to see him and be able to look upon his supafineeness again, but no. nope it is neither of these things that is making me want to go back to forever 21, its the music they played there.
     seriously the music they played there was bomb.  i dont even remember what they played all i know is that i loved the heck out of it!  if i could i would've sat down in one of the many many sections there and just listened to it all day.  that is probably not socially acceptable though, so really ideally the best thing to do would be to get a job there.  and now you're thinking, this is a great idea sydney! you need a job for next year right?? and it'd be one that you love cuz you get to listen to great music all day! all your problems are solved! FALSE. black bears.
     i cannot get a job at forever 21 because i couldn't handle the amount of style that would be required of me to work there.  the last time i was there with jessica there was this girl wearing some kind of genie looking onesie and another wearing straight up leather skinny jeans.  i cant even see why these things would be considered remotely attractive, let alone stylish.  i am obviously not cut out for that kind of style conscious job.  nope, i guess really my only option at this point is to just go there every single day and pretend to be looking at all the see through, floral rompers and the old grandpa cardigans and listen and take note of all the music so i can buy it and stop having to go and waste my life away there. sounds like a good plan to me =] 

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