Thursday, April 7, 2011

summer summer summer summer

     i cannot wait for this summer. seriously, it is pretty much taking up all of my brain, i cant stop thinking about it.  and while i know that in just a few short months i will be pulling my hair out in a crazed fit of longing for BYU, that doesnt really matter at this point.  all that matter is that in exactly (almost) two weeks i will be boarding a plane headed back to good ol' MO and NO CO and Flo Town, and i cannot wait! here is a list of just a few of the things that are going to make this summer so totally awesome:

  • the onslaught of loving happiness that i will receive from my cutie baby gid (my puppy) the second i walk in the door, that will probably last a thousand years like last time (or at least im hoping =] )
  • having my own room that i dont have to share with anybody
  • having my own bathroom
  • being with my family (this really should've been first but i wanted mom to squirm a bit, thinking that i really cared about those others things more than i cared about being back with them =])
  • two words: SUMMER CAMP 2011! i cannot wait for this. you best all be prepared.
  • playing nazi zombies with harrison, and working up the confidence to play online again
  • extra large cookie dough blizzards to lock in our friendship forever with mandie mcmannnn
  • not having to pay for laundry
  • not having to make/ pay for my own food
  • grass. i cannot wait for all the green lush grass (not the grass in our yard of course, but you know, just in general)
  • alicia ehrmann, anna photena, jamie HAHNNNNN, rachel allen, kayle pierce, alex meyer
  • catching madison up on every movie that she has ever missed out on, which is pretty much every movie worth watching =]
  • driving my car! windows down, music up, singin at the top of our lungs. 
  • seeing kimberly roberts stephens face again. it has been too long, especially considering you are leaving me in just a few short months
  • the fireflies
  • late night trampoline convos
  • late night drives 
  • baking all kinds of baked goods in my kitchen
  • showing harrison and abby the wonderfulness that is psych
  • getting to hang out with elders all the time since you know my family is like bffs with them
  • three words mandie mcmann: walgreens fake fingernails. we are doing it.
  • family night at camp, getting to see all the younglings and gentlechildren sing and dance their little hearts out
  • chillin at annas house with everyone i love
  • seeing everyone from handyman that i love with all my heart
  • getting so tan i look black. this is what i am most excited for
  • grampy's farm. he's gonna be there right?? we're gonna go right???
  • old town doughnut runs in the middle of the night
  •  getting skinny. cant forget that one. its happening this summer. i guarantee it. haha
  • not being in school, not having homework, or projects and any other type of death inducing activities
  • Harry Potter 7 part 2
  • oh yeah and cant forget this one, mom would have a cow: having no life/getting absolutely no sleep cuz hopefully if im lucky i'll have 3 jobs over the summer. yay me! 
     so yeah, obviously this summer is going to be the greatest summer in the history of all mankind ever since the creation of summers.  are all these things going to actually happen?? heck yeah! am i being slightly too optimistic and unrealistic in answering that question?? you best believe it!  but its good to have goals and aspirations right?? and my goal is to have the very best summer of my entire life this summer! =]

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