Tuesday, April 5, 2011

hey there again

     so funny story about the post i just did right under this one.   it was like 2:30 in the morning last night and i was just laying in bed trying to go to sleep and i found myself thinking about this blog and what i would post if i were to write about forever 21.  and so im laying there thinking and i realize that what im thinking is pretty good stuff, i mean at least i thought so, you'll have to read the post below and judge for yourself i guess. anyways so im coming up with some pretty good stuff and i know that if i go to sleep without recording it it will be gone from my brain in the morning because that is pretty much the story of my life when it comes to these things.  so i then had two choices, drag myself out of bed and blog the post right then and there, or grab my notebook on my desk and try to scratch out readable handwriting in the dark of the night.  both were not very desirable seeing how i was on the brink of sleep and comfy and everything, but despite all that i managed to grab my notebook and pen.  anyways so after i write everything down and am laying back in bed i find myself thinking about the inconvenience of the situation i was just in and wishing, as i often have before millions of times, that there was a device that i could hook up to my brain right before going to bed and it would record all my thoughts.
     now i know you're thinking something like : wow, you're lame. everybody wants to be able to look back on their dreams.  but its not so much the dreams i want to look back on, dont get me wrong that'd be super great, i have some pretty awesome dreams, but more the thinking before i go to sleep.  i do my best thinking pertaining to the things i write right before i fall asleep, in the stage when you're asleep but you're also conscious of the fact that you arent asleep.  you know what im talking about right?? hopefully? im not a weirdo right?? haha anyways yeah ideally i would be able to channel that stream of unconscious thought into my brain while im conscious, but that seems like a lot of work, so i think some one should just invent a machine that i can plug my brain up to and BABOOM. done.
     so um yeah this post has kinda started to lean more towards rambling and i've kind of forgotten the part of the story that was funny like promised in the first sentence... oh well. now you know that if a mind recording device is ever invented i will be the first one to invest in one...well probably not the first cuz they'll probably cost like a $100000000000000000000000000000.00, but you know what i mean. haha

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