Tuesday, April 12, 2011

one more day

     only one more day until the very last day of classes for my freshman year!  i can hardly believe it, im practically done with my freshman year of college.  its so exciting! and i am going home soon. im gonna be home next weekend! still...there are a lot of things that im going to miss about this past year.

1. my roommates who i have come to love with all my heart; jessica, hailey, malaysia, emilee and ashley. i will miss them so much
2. our quote wall. there's some really good stuff on there =]
3. pretty much every single boy in our ward seeing as they are practically all going on missions and we are never going to see them again ever in our lives
4. late night you tube video watching
5. ice cream runs to the creamery
6. werewolves...hahah
7. taking naps in the planetarium during my astronomy class
8. midnight roommate walmart runs
9. all nighters that end in early morning french toast made by the best french toast maker in the whole world...hermione granger.
10. my job at the creamery...haha jk no way on earth would i ever miss that nasty grease filled nastiness haha

     but yeah theres a lot im gonna miss about this first year of college, but i am so excited for summer and next year! =]

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