Friday, April 8, 2011

beards v. staches

                                            beards: 16   staches: 17
     so this will probably be the last update before the final count at the very end of the year aka two more weeks!  but im not sure how hopeful i am anymore for the beards to take it.  they were doing so good! like a day or two after the last update i saw 3 beards! 3! and only 1 stache. it was great, but then yesterday coming back from my very last writing class ever i saw two staches. its was pretty depressing.  i was searching every single guy i saw after that for a beard, trying to get them back in the lead.  i felt like a total creep.  there was this one guy i was staring down hardcore cuz he kinda looked like he had a beard and i was trying to justify counting it, but he just had really long sideburns. its was kinda depressing. haha  and really this is the last week the beards will have chance since after that its finals week and everybody has to be clean shaven to take tests. =/  i hope they make it.

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