Monday, June 6, 2011

best website ever.

     i recently stumbled upon the best website ever. and when i say stumbled upon i mean stumbleupon, the website (no, this is not the best website ever but i feel like it deserves some recognition since it led me to the best website ever and since i tend to spend hours on end on it every night stumbling onto the hidden gems of the world wide interweb) anywayyyyyss, so yeah i was stumbling the other night and i happened across this website which completely changed my life (might be a little bit of an exaggeration, but not really). and here it is, i know y'all are dying by now to know what this life changing best website ever is:

Bookshelf Porn:

     yes, it is exactly what it sounds like. well...hopefully...anyways pretty much its just pictures of bookshelves. and let me tell you. i could sit there and stare at them all day. hahaha i know that sounds super weird but it is pretty much basically my life goal to have my future home pretty much be a library, so im a little addicted to this website.  i love books with a fiery deep burning unquenchable passion... yeah, that much. haha  my one dream as a child/teenager/right now (other than successfully converting my future home into a libraryhaven) is to write my own books.  wouldnt that be glorious?? to have my own books that ive written with my own raw bear hands (the ones i keep in my closet jk jk i dont have bear hands in my closet, that'd be supacreepy) in my own library in my own home. man, wouldnt that be like the best thing ever?? can you picture it?? i sure can. =]
     so yeah, so now that you know my two life goals ive also decided to share a few of my favorite bookshelves, some of which i fully intend on using in my own future home. i hope you enjoy them as much as i do, you probably wont, but just pretend that you do =]:

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