Monday, December 13, 2010

first post eva...

    here i am, at one in the morning, the day before (or i guess, of ) my first finals, unable to sleep.  i really should be like cramming facts about the american founding, or pouring over my book of mormon, but i guess instead ive decided to get on here and blog my first post, looking back over my first semester at byu.
    it's hard to believe that i have already been here at byu for a whole semester.  it seems like just yesterday that i was freaking out about coming out here, wanting to puke my guts out in anticipation/nervousness/anxiety/excitement/longing.  but no here i am a mere week away from getting on the train (hogwarts express) and going home for christmas. cool fact, im going to get home on dec. 19th, exactly 4 months to the day of when i left home for here. to say that i cant wait and am super excited is an understatement.
     despite really wanting to go home super badly, ive really had a great first semester here at byu.  i went to my first ever football game, and learned that there was a lamee cougar fight song thingy that they play after like every touchdown.  i rode the bus for the first time. i got to go to temple square for the first time and see the salt lake temple and the conference center and all that cool stuff.  i get to wake up in the morning, walk into the kitchen, look outside, and BOOM! mountains!  i have come to the conclusion that utah drivers are all crazy and would all be screwed and out of money if they ever got light cameras here. i met a ton of new people that i had no idea existed at the beginning of this year, who i have come to love with all my heart.  i have found a deep appreciation for sunny d, and also for any type of caffeinated soda (unavailable anywhere on campus) .  if you can cut off the end of a word, do it ( preshh, delishh, totes, btdubs(short for btw, which is short for bytheway)).  in-n-out burger is hands down the best creation on earth.  the creamery does sell pregnancy tests (dont worry, it was for hailey...hahah jk ).  and if you stare at them long enough with both your eyes close, just about any boy can look like jake gyllenhaal.
      so yeah i'd say over all it was a pretty good semester.  however like i said i cannot wait to get home.  the things i am looking forward to most:
1. sleeping in my pitch black room in the basement without a window right next to my head.
2. playing video games with harrison and abby and dad: need for speed, super smash bros, nazi zombies
3. spending christmas with my family
4. getting to see everybody from church
5. getting to see everybody from handyman
6. baking bake goods in my kitchen with all my besties
7. going to nauvoo with the fam
8. seeing my baby, gid
9. eating good food
10. being out of utah

     yup. that about sums it up. but yeah it is now currently 2:30, and no it did not take me an hour and a half to write this post, emilee came and showed me some youtube videos (another wonder of college), but yeah i think im going to try and go to sleep now...wish me luck.  =]

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