Wednesday, December 15, 2010

finals week: week of sweatpants, cherry dr. pepper, and no make-up

   it has only been two days into finals week and already it is killing me.  why is it that this is the week that takes the longest ever?! how is it only tuesday?  oh well, only 4 more days.  But no seriously this week has already been kickin my butt.
   today i got up at 9, which just in case you are wondering is like a million years earlier than i usually do, oh and it doesn't help that i was at the library till 12:30 the night before, which means i didnt go to sleep till like 3. so after waking up at the break of dawn, i did a little last minute book of mormon studying, walked to the wilk, and promptly failed my book of mormon final.  i wont get into all the gory deets here, just know that my teacher is a psycho path that has no idea what she is doing and should never be allowed to stand at the head of a class again...but dont worry, im not bitter.  and then i got to spend 5 hours at the library studying it up like a champ. and needless to say, i am exhausted.  Studying has drained my soul.
   however, there are some perks to finals week though... monday night, walking home from the library, malaysia and me became besties with 5 deer, that came bounding towards in the dead of night.  it was very adventurous.  annnnd then theres the delightful fact that there is an insane amount of goodies and treats all over our kitchen from everybody doing last minute visiting/home teaching and making up for the lame lessons with delectable delicacies. so yeah thats always a plus.... ummm i cant really think of anymore perks...hmmmm thats a shame...
    oh! i thought of one! since its finals week that means that im almost home! that is pretty much the best thing about finals week! haha loveeee it!

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