Friday, January 28, 2011

michael jackson is such the talent.

     yes i realize that i used present tense as if he were still alive, but seriously even in death this guy is more talented than most of the people in the entertainment business today.  and ok i'll admit it...i used to think he was weird.  i mean could you really expect anything else? growing up he was the weird white person who looked and sounded like a girl who was actually a black man.  what other conclusion would a small child come to other than, 'wow, that guy is really weird.'  but now as an older version of myself i can now look past all that and realize he was pretty much simply AH-MAZING.
     i remember my mom telling me that she had pictures of michael jackson in her locker and i remember thinking why on earth would you have pictures of him?!?! but now i get it.  he is pretty much the best ever.  me and malaysia were watchin some of his videos last night on youtube and they are just so good.
     pretty much the best music video ever in creation rivaled only by thriller.  yeah so, yeah.  you're probably thinking 'yeah i've know all this forever.  michael jackson the best? known about that since before you were born' but ive just been thinkin about his amazingness all day and thought id share it. hhaa =]

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