Monday, October 10, 2011

30 day blog challenge! here we go! DAY ONE =]

     so ive decided to do a 30 day blog challenge on here. so basically if i succeed i will be blogging about random things on here for at least 30 days straight! aren't you excited!? i know i am! hahah anywayyyys so this is day one:  your current relationship. if single, discuss how single life is.
     i think it would be safe to say based on previous posts on here that i am single (no one has come up proclaiming their desire to be called beefy cake huns yet... surprising i know...).  so yeah how is single life going?? well it's going.... just trudgin along like always. it would be nice to have a beefy cake huns, but obviously my standards for my point system are just too high (major points, aka a necessity, if he has a beard, but i mean this is byu we're talking about... aka no one has a beard sadly...) so ummmm yeah....
     well obviously, this 30 day challenge thing is off to a great start. really some interesting and moving stuff here.... so um yeah tune in tomorrow hopefully if i havent tossed this out the window by then for day 2!!! whooooo! yeah! should be exciting! =] anyways... sorry this was super lamee... i just feel like i've kinda already explained my views on single livin (see beefy cake huns post below) so yeah... hopefully these things will get better...till then peace and blessings, peace and blessings! =]

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