Wednesday, October 12, 2011

dayyyyy threeeeee

     okie dokie! well first off i have to apologize for missing a couple of days... i have been super busy/sick/just lazy the past 2 days and that is unacceptable. but look! i pushed the dates back on the posts and made it look like i never missed a day! yay for magic and cheating! ok well anyways, day numbero drei: your views on drugs and alcohol.
     ok well wow. it's getting into some pretty serious stuff i guess. my views on drugs and alcohol? well obviously(we have a rapist in lincoln park) drugs and alcohol are bad. we've all learned this since we were like what? 2 seconds old?? yeah. while i have never been schwasted or high like a kite before, i do know plenty of people who have and i feel no judgment towards them. if they want to fill their bodies with nastiness and kill their brain cells and be perpetually starving and drink crap that makes them puke their guts out and feel like boo boo the whole next day, thats fine with me. that is a-ok. i would totes never do it though. it kinda sounds like a form of torture.
     however. there are situations when i do and plan on partaking in drugs.  during period parties for example.  ibuprofen is my life during these week long torture fests.  during childbirth is another situation.  I am going to practically have them knock me out with drugs during this little joy of life. and if ever there were a time that i did do actual drugs/alcohol it would be during these to escape the pain/torture. ( hahaha jk jk, but no that would be awesome right? hahaha jk) but i kind of find it funny how both these things kinda have to do with the same thing.... i think its a sign that if these things can drive a person to contemplate turning to drugs then there is something wrong with the system.   i mean seriously who's idea was it to make it so that women would be stuck for life with debilitating pain that has the potential to turn into pushing a practically full grown human being out of their own bodies??? yeah i feel like there is something majorly wrong with that...
     oh and another time when drugs are a must: having your wisdom teeth pulled.  this is hopefully going to happen to me in the near future seeing as my wisdom teeth are currently trying to catapult out of my head. annd really the only thing that is going to make the experience of then slicing open my mouth and cutting my teeth out of my skull is the fact that i am going to tell them to drug me up so much that i will hopefully be straight loopy afterwards. expect videos. =] hahaha i am so excited for that!
     anyways so yeah basically illegal drugs are bad. hugs not drugs. water not beer. stay in school. remember who you are. and peace and blessings, peace and blessings.

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