Saturday, October 8, 2011


     ok seriously, have you ever been on pinterest? no? what is pinterest you ask? basically it is heaven in website form for those people who like to pretend that they are crafty, and creative, and witty and home improvey and artsy, when really all they do is sit on pinterest all day pinning awesome things to their awesome boards. hahaaha  annnnd seeing as how i actually AM all those things, its the perfect website for me. haahahah no but seriously i have been addicted to this website since over the summer.  its basically a website where everybody has online bulletin boards that they can "pin" different things that they find over the internet that they like to, and share it with everybody else on the website. aka it is sheer awesomeness! here i'll give you a little preview so you can see for your self just how awesome it is and know that your life depends on you getting a pinterest.  right now i have 12 boards. I'll give you a preview of with the first 3 things i have pinned in my favorite ones. enjoy! =]
my boards:


harry potter-


cutie pies-

ideas for my future home-


zombie apocalypse-

     so basically as you can see you can pretty much pin about whatever your heart desires! i pretty much love it with all my heart... seriously, go check it out! just dont get addicted like i did...hahahaha =]

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