Tuesday, December 6, 2011

year in review

     alright, i realize that i am a horrible person. i accept this. it has been exactly 5 billion years since i've blogged about anything, and i dont think that i could ever apologize enough. and i left you during a 30 day challenge no less! but my one year of blogging mark is coming up, and i cannot miss that! i have already done something i told myself i would never do, completely not blog anything during a month, aka this past novemeber, but i am not going to miss out on blogging about my one year anniversary of blogging awesomeness! now for you hardcore fans out there you might realize that the actual one year anniversary of my 'first post eva...' is on dec. 13th. but seeing as how that is directly in the middle of my crazy 'take 6 finals in 2 days' finals week, i probably will not be posting then.... so we're gonna celebrate early!
     so yeah! it was a year ago exactly (lets pretend, it sounds better) that i decided to start a blog; mostly for my mother so she could creep on my life, and partly cuz i was tired of having all these witty things running through my head all the time with no one to tell. haha so i started my blog not really expecting anything, not even really expecting to really use it but it turned out to be superohmegaawesome, at least in my eyes. =] 
     despite the long droughts of nothingness i actually blogged a lot more than i thought i would (92 posts! almost 100! hahaa) and found that i really enjoyed it, and apparently other people enjoyed it as well.  as you can see over there on the right i have 12 official followers, which i am very proud of/love with all my heart. dont worry, i know there are those of you who creep on me unofficially as well, dont worry i love you too! (but i would love you more if you felt the need to join that list of people over there, which would be awesome...hint hint...hahah) =]  oh and probably my greatest achievement concerning my blog would be that my most popular post has over 300 views! 300! the next most popular has 29...hahah. but im pretty sure the credit for that goes to matt lewis and his sexy self. =]
     but yeah basically that's whats happened to my blog this past year. what about me do you ask?? well lets see, last year i was just a little college freshman who knew nothing about life (julian smith was my favorite youtuber for goodness sake!), and now i am a college sophomore (please no comments jessica) who still knows pretty much nothing about life ( i have however discovered the love of my life in the form of olan rogers, who is about 13928923743892769436372984y32894783092 trillion times funnier than julian).  no but in all seriousness this past year has been pretty awesome.  i made some friends that i will hopefully have for the rest of my life, i grew in my love for children (nothing creepy about this statement. i ma simply referring to the awesome time i had at camp this summer), and my best friend is about to be baptized! basically awesome. thats not to say that there weren't any rough times.  i my soul was pretty much taken hostage by pinterest rendering me basically a vegetable for a good majority of the summer, and sometimes still (good or bad thing?? still cant tell sometimes), all my friends have been sucked into that friend-sucker-upper also known as the MTC, and i still only have vague ideas about what i want to do with my life, major/career wise.  but honestly, who doesn't have these problems??
     but now for the part that i am most excited for.... the futureeeeeeeee.  what does this next year hold in store for me?? well, let me tell you it is pretty much kind of super awesome! (fun fact, it took me like 6 tries to spell that word right for some reason.... sometimes i feel as though college makes me dumber... haha) anyways so the life plan for the next year. are you ready for it?? here it goes:
     this coming winter semester at BYU will be my last for a while, like for 2, 2 1/2ish years.  why do you ask?? well, you see in less than a month i will be 20 years old (!!!!! i know right!!!) which means that i will then only have a year until i am 21....aka a year until i can go on a mission.  which is what i am going to be doing. i am going to go on a mission!!!! for those of you who might not know what a mission for my church is, it's basically spending 2 years, or for girls aka me, 18 months, teaching the gospel.  So basically i will be living away from home, with no personal cell phone, facebook, music that i love with all my soul, talking to strangers about the church all day for 18 months. weird right?? hahah anyways, what does this have to do with me leaving BYU so soon since i have a year until i will be able to go on a mission? well missions are kind of super expensive and i am broke. so i will be living at home for free and working all next summer and fall semester, and maybe even the whole school year next year to save enough money cuz right now i have nothing. haha  but i am so excited! it is going to be weird not being at BYU with everybody and just the thought of a mission kinda scares me to death but i am really excited about my decision to go and can't wait to start working on making it happen.
     so well yeah, thats just a little summary of everything thats happened this past year/ a little sneak peak into my future. im kinda excited for next december to see how this coming year plays out, and how many more followers i have (hint hint: follow me please! haha =])  and hopefully i will do better at posting this year. i do have some good posts in the works though that im excited about (probably the best movie monday you have ever seen =] so get excited! haha). but yeah, hope you are doing awesome, sorry about being the biggest bum that has ever existed in the history of the world, and hope finals week goes well for those of you that have those nasty things! peace and blessings, peace and blessings.

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