Friday, September 30, 2011

currently accepting applications for a beefy cake huns...

      aka a boyfriend.  i've been here for over a month and i think it's about time to have a boyfriend.  i dont think thats too much to ask for, do you?? now i realize that some may be deterred by the name beefy cake huns, but what can i say i love it. hahaha jessica doesn't want to believe that i would actually call my boyfriend that, but however, it is true/totes gonna happen. kinda like how im gonna have my children call my mom and dad grandmamma and grandpapa. hahaha my mother sitll hasn't accepted that one, but she will when she sees how adorable it is hahah =]
     but yeah currently accepting applications.  so if you want to be my boyfriend just walk on up to me and be all like "hey lets be boyfriend and girlfriend" or "hey im the beefy cake huns you're lookin for". yeah if you want double the chance of being accepted somehow incorporate beefy cake huns into your delivery. you cant go wrong with that. hahaha
     oh and you are all probably wondering where all this "beefy cake huns" came from.  well, it came from my good friend olan rogers... now if you really want to be accepted just look/act like olan, or you know just be him for on the spot acceptance. hahah anyways yeah i was watching this video of his the other day and i just died and decided right then and there that i would forever call my boyfriend (whenever he shows up...) beefy cake huns hahahaha hope you enjoy it/make it through to the beefy cake huns part, seeing as he can be a little overwhelming... hahahah peace and blessing, peace and blessings. oh! and dont forget to turn in those applications! hahaaha


  1. Lol Im not sure I can help you in that area ;) though I will say, BFs are just a hassle. Though the culture you're in is all about that...hmmm. Lol

  2. yeah.... thats what the word on the street is... ha