Friday, September 16, 2011

hey there again...

     so um yeah...sorry it's been so long since i've blogged.  oh well it happens right?? but anyways so i was all determined to blog today and all excited and sat down at my computer and cant really come up with anything...  I have a whole lists of posts that i've been meaning to blog about but apparently im just not feeling any of them at the lets seeeee. ok i'll write about the creamery, which isnt on the list but whatevs... sorry for being so lamee.
     so anyways i am currently employed at the BYU Creamery on 9th East as a restaurant team member.  if you remember from last winter semester i was the grill closer/cleaning slave there working 6 hours a week, so you would think that this would be a step up right?? yes and no sadly.

1. i actually talk to people and have friends at work which is pretty fun. as much as i like to be antisocial, it gets lonely sometimes and it's nice to have friends right?? hahaha oh and it's nice to actually meet new people i can add on facebook it boost my friend count, cuz thats all that really matters right?? =]
2. i now work 12 hours a week, instead of 6.  so yeah that pretty cool. more hours, more monies. thats always enjoyable.
3. i dont have to slave away cleaning the grill anymore. instead i get to cook on the grill and scoop ice cream, which is my favorite thing to do, which is kinda weird cuz you actually have to talk to the customers, i guess i'm slowly becoming less antisocial. hahah no but really it's just nice not to come home every night smelling like grease and killed animals and cleaning chemicals....
4. there are so many hotttaayyyys that come into the creamery for ice cream! and i'm not gonna lie there are a few cuties who work there too, so pretty much its just win win all around. haha =]
5. i got a 10 cent raise from last semester, i now make 7.35 an hour! i know super great right?? ha

1. i only work 12 hours a week.  i know that's a bump up from the 6 hours last winter semester but, compared to the 50/60 hours a week i was working over the summer, it's just a little bit to get used to... dont get me wrong i love not working that much, it's just i loved the money i was getting more... haha
2. i still have to wear that nasty hat.  i have to wear like a baseball cap as part of my uniform, it's that or an old lunch lady hairnet.  last year it wasnt that bad i would just pull my hair up in a ponytail and go, but this year my hair is too short for that... so now pretty much i have to make sure i come to work with a thousand bobby pins so i can some how get my hair up in a semi decent looking updo... haha
3. instead of coming home smelling like grease, i come home covered in ice cream.  well at least on the days that i work ice cream, which i try to make that like every time. but yeah pretty much i always end up covered up to my elbows in ice cream, which isnt that big of a deal, but it's kinda sticky... hahaha
4. i have to walk to work. last semester i worked at 9, left at 8:59 and got there on time.  now i have to leave like a thousand hours early to get there five minutes early so i have time to put my hair up... seriously i have been walking everywhere this year, which is good right?? just exhausting....
5. i only got a 10 cent raise, which means i am only making 7.35 an hour, working 12 hours a week... you do the math... maybe for everyone else out here that's enough, with all their scholarships and richness, but seriously that sucks when it comes to me.  but hey at least i have a job right? could be worse.
6. oh and i might have gotten carpel tunnel from all the scooping of the ice cream, but no biggie...

     so yeah that's pretty much my job.  some parts of it suck, but honestly i kinda really like working there. it's a pretty fun job with lots of fun people.  ok well, i think thats enough blogging for today... hopefully i'll keep up with it this time.... peace and blessings, peace and blessings.

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