Monday, September 26, 2011

Movie Monday FOUR!!

     HAPPY MONDAY!!  how was your weekend?? good i hope? annnd i hope that your monday is going just as well.  i have a few minutes before i have to leave for class so i thought that i'd squeeze in a movie monday real fast and show you guys some new vids that are recently my favorites. i know it feels like i just did a movie monday like 4ish posts ago, but that was like a thousand years ago and i really have some new good videos to share with you guys!! i hope you find them as good and uplifting and just plain funny as i do! =]

Moments that Matter Most- i have been obsessed with this video ever since my biology teacher showed it to us a few weeks ago as a spiritual thought before class.  seriously i really love it a lot! annnd it goes perfectly with President Uchtdorf's talk this past saturday during the Relief Society General Conference!

Speak Like Kristen Stewart- madison showed me this next video, and let me tell you it is hilarious! and so true! that girl playing kristen stewart deserves an oscar! she is perfect! hahahaha Thanks K Stew!! =]

Pizza is Murder- this video features julian smith, who used to be the love of my life until he stopped making funny videos and started making lame ones, but thankfully this video wasn't made by him so it's funny! haha seriously i wish he would make his new videos as funny as his old ones again!

How Harry Potter Should Have Ended- i love these things! you should most def check out the site and have some good laughs!

Snape Realizes the Candles are Floating-  another harry potter one, i've been a little obsessed lately which i guess is acceptable since i finally got my pottermore email yesterday (that blog post will be coming soon). but i have been obsessed with this video in particular forever. seriously ask jessica, i watch it a couple times a day. it's just so darn funny! hahaha

Love Sparks- this is a video done by probably my favorite youtube person/just person in general ever. Olan Rogers.  seriously i love him.  i know i say that a lot about guys on youtube, but my love for him surpasses all of them (including the love i had for julian smith, which is saying something). we may or may not have a small shine of pictures of him on out wall, jess and i love him so much... hahhaha anyways  this is definitely not the first time one of his vids have been on here.  go check out some of his other ones on youtube, his dare on dare videos are probably my favorite.  but this one is different, not funny, but just awesome and i love it! haha

Night Vision Binoculars- out last video is actually a song.  a song that has quickly become the theme song of mine and jessica's lives. we may or may not play it every single day despite the complete creepiness of it.  and let me tell you, it is creepy.  hahaha i heard it on pandora the other day and just had to show jessica and we both fell in love with it and now proudly own it.  dont judge. haters gon hate.

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