Thursday, September 29, 2011


     in case you didnt already know, I FINALLY GOT INTO POTTERMORE!! seriously. it only took like 5 billion years.oh and i got my welcome email on a sunday right be i had to leave for church, so i got my email and then had to wait 3 hours before i could get onto pottermore. it was horrible! hahaa but i finally made it on!  The website it pretty awesome, but really the two main things that i've been waiting my whole life for is getting my wand and getting sorted into a house.
     it took me like 5 seconds to get through pottermore to olivander's shop i was so excited to get my wand! Annnnnd here it is!! in all it's glory!!

     hahaha sorry its such a crappy picture, but there it is! 10 3/4 in, unicorn core and yew wood!  So basically a unicorn hair core means that the wand is very loyal to its original owner and its the hardest type of wand to turn to the dark side.  oh and it's the core that ron's wand has! what what!! =] hahaha  as for the wood, yew is pretty rare and super good at curses.  they also tend to be the wands most drawn to the dark arts (basically, my wand is a juicy contradiction hahaha) oh and did i mention that voldemort's wand was made out of yew?? how BA is that??? hahaha needless to say i am pretty darn happy with my wand =]
     so yeah i got my wand and was pretty happy about that and then promptly moved on to bigger and better things and before i knew it i was about to start the sorting ceremony...  let me try to explain something... the first time i read harry potter i was 8 years old.  i got a paperback of the sorcerer's stone as a gift for my baptism.  i am almost 20 now.  i have been waiting to be sorted into a house for 11, almost 12 years.  that is more than half my life.  i cannot explain to you how excited it was for this! but im not gonna lie i was also extremely nervous... what house was i gonna be in??? i knew which house i was hoping that i would be in, ravenclaw of course.  now im not trying to be all like "of course i should be in ravenclaw! i'm soooooo smart!!"  yeah it's not like that, ravenclaw was just the best fit.  i also knew for sure which house i didnt want to be in, gryffindor. seriously, sitting there answering questions, being sorted, i couldn't repeat "not gryffindor" enough times in my head.  why you ask?? why wouldn't i want to be in harry potter's house?? the answer is simple, because it's harry potter's house.  idunno, i just felt like everyone wanted to be in gryffindor cuz it was the golden trio's house and blah blah blah blah. ughh. hhaha also it didn't really fit, i dont like to be the center of attention.  i would've been fine being in hufflepuff or slytherin, i like those two, except hufflepuff is where all the losers go...(hahahah jk jk) but yeah pretty much i was a mess answering the questions that came straight from Jo herself.  but in the end i got.....
     seriously, i could not be more happy! i always knew i was a ravenclaw and finally it is official!! hahaah  it's probably one of the greatest things ever! pretty much my life is complete =] pretty much me and loony luna are bff forever and ever hahaha but yeah no if you guys haven't checked out pottermore, it is most def worth it. you get to brew potions and duel people and earn house points, its just great. haah  i think it opens up to the public late october, so seriously, go check it out as soon as you can =] and make sure you get voted into ravenclaw so you can hang out with me and luna! hahaah =]

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