Sunday, September 25, 2011

sign language

     so there's this new show on tv, or well i guess it's not on tv right now, it's in that weird mid season break thing, but anyways.... there's this new show called switched at birth and i am pretty much obsessed with it! pretty much its about these two girls who are switched as babies in the hospital and given to wrong families and grow up not knowing it but then everyone finds out when they are like 16.  BUTTT the cool part of the show is the fact that one of the girls is deaf so there is like buttloads of sign language in the show! which is so totally awesome!!  it's pretty much renewed my love for sign language!
      i was going to take a sign language class with jessica this semester but it didn't fit into our schedules, but you can count on it happening winter semester! annnnd madison will hopefully take it with us too! so pretty much we're going to be able to talk to each other without anyone else knowing what we are saying, which will pretty much be the best thing that has ever happened to at least me and jessica! haha anyways but yeah you should totally check out Switched at Birth if you're into pointless drama and super cool sign language usage, it's pretty much the best thing ever! hahaha peace and blessings, peace and blessings. =]

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