Tuesday, February 22, 2011

was thinkin bout this the other day...

     this is the psych paper that i wrote the end of last semester.  its pretty much the best thing i've ever written.  i thought i'd share it on here. if you've read it before, reread and enjoy it again...if you have not read it before now, prepare for your life to change =]

            Aggression has undoubtedly played a major part in the history of human beings.  Without aggression human beings would not have lasted this long.  Aggression comes out most often when individuals are feeling threatened, either for their own safety or for the safety of those they love, and goes hand in hand with our survival instincts.  However, at the same time aggression can be mindless and has led to some of the most horrific crimes in history.  The world would be a better place if human beings could learn to live without that aggression that leads to murder and assault and all the physical crimes we see today.  Overall, human beings need aggression, that driving power that goes with their instincts to survive, but at the same time the future would look much brighter if people could do away with the aggression that leads to premeditated or impulsive acts of violence against innocent individuals.                                                                                                          During the days of the Cavemen, when human beings were up against vicious beasts, it was aggression that saved their lives.  They battled it out with the saber-toothed tigers and the wooly mammoths protecting their families and livelihoods.  Without aggression paired up with their survival instincts they would have been trampled underfoot; a giant wooly mammoth foot.  This aggression has been passed down through the ages and is what has kept human beings alive.  When the gladiators had to fight it out in the coliseum, they were aggressive.  When the knights in shining armor fought off the dragons to save the princesses, they were aggressive.  When the United States Military slaughter the Taliban to protect our rights and civil liberties, they are aggressive.  And when models strut their stuff and get caddy on the walkway to preserve their jobs, they are aggressive.  Obviously aggression plays an essential role in human lives and evolution.
            But at the same time, aggression can be very bad.  It can become the driving force of evil human beings and psychos paths.  It is this dangerous aggression that led Hitler to murder millions of innocent Jews in cold blood.  It is this aggression that led Sauron to create the one true ring of power to rule them all, and in the darkness bind them.  It is this aggression that led Stalin to murder and enslave his people in labor camps.  And it was this aggression that led Lord Voldemort to murder Lily and James Potter, leaving young Harry Potter parentless and orphaned.  This type of mindless and callous aggression is the type of thing that the future can do without; which would make the world a better place to live in.
            Aggression comes in many different forms.  There’s the aggression shown when you are fighting your brother over the last dinner roll at Thanksgiving, or when you are giving your job all you’ve got to beat out the competition to get that awesome promotion.  This type of aggression moves the world forward and keeps things running.  But the other type, the type shown when desperate people rob banks, and when arguments get out of hand, or when evil dictators come to power; that is the aggression that the world and the future had no need of.   

     so yeah thats pretty much the best thing ever in my opinion. hhaha i wrote it in an hour and got a 10 outta 10 on it.  the only thing that woulda made it better would be in i had talked about zombies somewhere in there. =] hope you enjoyed it, cuz i sure do.

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