Thursday, February 10, 2011

facial profiling

     time to add to my running count of facial hair spottings! =]  the last count was beards: 3 and staches: 5.  tonight i happily add 1 beard and 2 staches to the count.  the first stache is from the other day when i locked myself out of my room and had to trek all the way over to the central building (without my glasses i might add, they were locked away in my room) and get a spare from the front desk.  i walk in and what do i see?  yup you guessed it a stache! haha actually you guys have probably seen this stache if you've watched the two man flash dance video i have posted further down (if you havent, we cant be friends).  so yeah that was stache number one.
     the other new stache and beard were spotted tonight at a ballroom dancing competition (i thinks thats what you would call it??).  I went with my friend brayden to go support our friend garrett who was dancing in it.  and it turned out like a thousand other people were dancing in it as well that we didnt know about.  our other fhe brother jacob, and couple random people from our ward, daniel drake and jared king (the stars of the two man flash dance video, once again if you havent seen that yet, you have to watch it right now) and just a bunch of other people.  it was a lot of fun.  bubba and i found this guy with this enormous stache ( new stache number zwei) and really wanted him to win (after all our actual friends of course.)  he got pretty far =] there was also a guy with a beard there, so i mean he had great potential, but he sucked. but despite that he lands a place on my facial hair count.
     well i should probably go to bed now.  nighty night.
                             official facial hair count:  beards=4 staches=7

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  1. LOL yes! Facial Profiling, best phrase of the year