Wednesday, February 9, 2011


     commercials are dumb.  seriously most commercials i sit there watching them and i wonder who in their right mind thought that this would be entertaining or make me want to buy their product. however, at the same time commercials are glorious.  there are those few that i love dearly and hold close to my heart always.  and it got me thinking...who writes these commercials that i love so much?? how do they come up with such lovable lines and witty banter?  take this commercial for instance:

     sweet sha la las? neck deep in the sweet waters of friendship and trust?  these are the types of things that i love so much.  and then i realized. why do i love these things so much?? because it sounds like all the convos i have everyday.  seriously, take my daily conversation and you have stuff good enough to be in all the commercials i love.  i could easily write commercials and the stuff i would come up with would be 10000000000000000000000000000x better than most of the crap on tv. 
     im not saying that im actually going to go into whatever it is that people go into to write just saying its good to know that im just as if not more witty than all the commercials i love.  dont believe me? thats you're problem. we obviously arent friends like i thought we were =]

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