Wednesday, May 18, 2011

biggest loser is the stupidest show in the history of life.

     so basically, to catch you all up to speed, i just wrote a very lengthy post about how much my life sucks and how ive ruined my life because im fat and how life is never going to get better. i got probably about what wouldve been about half way through this post, completely bashing on myself and i realized that it was all complete and total crap.  seriously, how old am i? 19? not even 20 yet. my life is not ruined. far from it.  if i wanted to i could kick myself in the butt actually get it together and loose all this weight by sometime next year and then it'd be over with. done. i could be confident and beautiful and completely happy in one year at the age of twenty.  annd i dont know about you guys but i feel like ive been waiting my whole life to be in my twenty's (hahah get it?? waiting my whole life haha) and if i can get to a point where i am happy and healthy and loving life by 20 with decades and decades left to live, that doesnt sound too bad to me. 
     you know what? im gonna do it. starting today. may 18, 2011. in one year i will be skinner, healthier, happier, and more confident than i have ever been in my life. im serious. you dont think im serious?? seriously, sitting here being all pathetic spewing to the world why my life sucks opened up my eyes to how much my life could not suck. bahahhaha sorry...that was just funny to me....haha anyways. im doing it. y'all hold me to it. its gonna happen. starting right now, this very second. cant wait for may 18, 2012. watch out suckaaaas =]

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